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  1. wow all these delays... delay, delay, delay... BRING us the goods already... sheesh
  2. I like Reverb 4 the best but the song is only half way there Reverb 2 sounds gay
  3. This is one of the best mixes I've ever heard in my entire life. Seriously, at home I blast this, in my car I blast it, in my sleep I blast it. This shit is just so much fun to listen to, it's hard not to, this ROCKS!
  4. this is simply amazing, the feeling i get is so chill and smooth and this, THIS is what remixes are about. Finish, submit, and get this on OCR!!
  5. Drools I have probably never been this drawn into a remix before. This is the first song I have ever heard that I have ever heard that makes me feel the way it does. It's perfect, in my book. It's one of the few professionally sounding remixes. This one is staying in my play list for a very, very long time. Good job!
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