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  1. thanks for that i rarely go on the internet is why i play a lot of sports outside during winter as well as summer so i am kind of new to this sort of thing
  2. thank u thank u thank u i finally got it sorry to impose on u like that and wasting ur time
  3. i want to download this "http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00860/" remix but i don't see where i can right click and "save target as" all I see is the download tab
  4. what do u mean? is it in mp3 file when i download it?
  5. well i was wondering how i can download the music that i hear from this site onto my comp. then sync it with itunes onto my ipod. I looked around and there didn't seem to be a guide for this so I was wondering if u guys might be able to help out. I no this is a noobish question and all but I wanted to download a specific song only one by Mcvaffe but I can't seem to be able to download it. thanks beforehand.
  6. hello everyone just wanted to stop by and say hi is all and introduce myself to u guys this seems like a great community and all well i'm 16 by and by. i really like game music and i was googling around and saw this site heard one or two of the songs and i was hooked.
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