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    Hmmm.... This is always complicated. Name's Fayt, but people also call me Terry or TK. I'm pretty much a new guy with a slim form of confidence... Umm... - looks around - I'm kind of awkward and have a little music experience... - munches on a cookie - I don't really know what more to say.
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  1. Dude your mix was absolutely sick. It's probably better than mine. On an engineers note, I would say keep your pans more centered. Hard panning (more 50% left or right) is usually used for doubling effects (the same track twice). Also, your intro piano needs to either have some strike taken off (around 2-4KHz) or some reverb added (I would set the cutoffs at 200-1000 Hz). I would experiment with the two until something sounds natural. Regardless, we should definitely collab sometime. Shoot me your e-mail and I'll send you something nice!