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    Hardcore RPG gamer that is trying to get into video game composition. I'm huge on rock with ascending progressions. My biggest weaknesses are probably drums and lead guitars, so if you're good on any of those I'm down for collab.
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    piano, electric rythm guitar

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  1. I guess I could throw a little love out there. To start, I've never heard the original before this, but it's actually a pretty cool ambient track, so thanks! I noticed that the original had more fullness on the low end, which is probably some of the issue you're having with the pads not sounding full enough. I'm distinctly hearing a low pad that's resonating very low (somewhere between 50-90 Hz) that gives the original that beefy sound. It sounds like its an octave of the main pad. Your kick could use a nice boost too. Overall, I would say some low end would help this track. Your piano and string settings don't sound bad at all, but I would maybe play with the timing a little to give them a little more human touch. Perhaps some volume swells and dips on the strings and some slight timing errors (20-40 ms) on the piano would give it a little more life. The transition midway is indeed shoddy, but very easily fixed. Just keep the volume the same and either do a swell of reverb on the last snare hit, or keep the volume the same and do a hard silence on the last snare hit and I think it will take you far. You could even play around with delay effects and such to see what works for you. Panning is well done throughout the track, so good job on that. I also like the voluming on the tambourine. It adds good character to the track. As far as composition goes, it does stray from the original, but the feel is very similar especially with the instruments. Maybe adding some new percussion elements would help to set it apart. Unfortunately, I'm not especially proficient with ambient mixes, so I would recommend checking out some other similar tracks and seeing if there's something that would fit well. All said, I think that fixing the low end will give you that body in the track that is missing right now. It's a good remix in my opinion, and with some tweaks could have some potential for a remix. Good luck!
  2. Sixto sold his soul to the devil to create the best tracks, we all know that I'm so curious about the pops and clicks you hear, because as an audio engineer myself, I would never allow such a thing on my tracks. I actually had to re-upload a YouTube post because of clipping. And now I hear it again with the kick and the bass for the track. I thought I had it down solid (if not a bit overwhelming), and here you are the 4th person to mention it. I of course am hoping you clicked the most recent rendition of the track. I had upped both drums and bass for my final draft....Urrrgh. I guess I was more or less hoping to hear the parts where the arrangement was good and the leads really shined, without the other parts:sad:. I guess I will just hope the judge panel is not as observant as you. Thanks again for taking the time to review an original. Super helpful!
  3. No probs bud, I'm glad that it was of help. I hope you kick some butt with your entry :D

  4. It's cool man. I was mostly joking with my ANGRYFACE.

  5. Thanks for the awesome feedback dude. I got bumped to the originals forum, but check out my last post. I'll gladly critique your track as well. I would love to compete with a posted Remixer as long as it's not Sixto :-P. Thanks Cyril!

  6. Hey Darkesword, I put this in my thread, but sorry for posting in the wrong forum. I appreciate that you simply moved it rather than deleting everything. Again, sorry and thanks at the same time.

  7. Dude thanks for your critique. It confirmed some doubts about what I had posted. I got bumped to originals forums, but I'm glad I got some good feedback before that. Thanks!

  8. You guys are awesome, as expected. First, I will apologize to DarkeSword for posting where I shouldn't. I'll admit that I did it on purpose because I know that better ears are on the "remix" thread and the originals does not get as much attention. Still, no excuses, just sorry. To address the low end problem, this track has some serious bottom, but I think it's below 100 Hz, so chances are it's not heard without a sub. I do agree that there is a hole in the low mid range, and I think I may have worked that in. The kick in my honest opinion is perfect, and I don't even know how I got such a sound. I can clearly hear the hits on headphones, but with a sub it's totally slamming. Garpocalypse, I think it's so funny that you and I had the same mindset about changes. I had the rhythm guitars higher in the mix earlier, but they became a little cloudy and overwhelming very quickly, so I tried to find a nice little nitch to tuck them in, and I think it's pretty solid. As far as the guitars in the heavy organ breakdown section, I tried exactly what you were saying, but they sounded less "floaty" and more "phasey", probably due to the verb and delay effects on the tracks . Cyril, dude let me hear your track. I'd be glad to offer an audio critique. And you're a posted Remixer on OCR, much more than me lol. As long as Sixto doesn't enter, I think we may have a chance:!: So without further ado, here is a link to very slightly touched up track, mostly eq and such. Thanks guys!
  9. Alright I know that posting an original work in the Remix thread is super taboo. I am submitting this track for an international contest to create a rock track about a champion from League of Legends (this track being about a vampire), and I know there are some awesome ears on this forum that can give it to me straight about the quality of the track (HewhoisIam, Rozovian and such). If this track should happen to place in the contest, I'm hoping that OCR might accept it as an honorary thing, but I am probably stretching . Anyways, hope to get some good feedback, as final submission isn't until 6/24. Thanks!
  10. This is a submission for the "Song of Summoners" contest for League of Legends. The concept is to create a rock track about your favorite champ, and this track is about a vampire of some sort. To be honest, I am basically in the mastering stage right now, but I really want to get some feedback on the track in general from OCR's community. Thanks all!
  11. Steve hit me up via e-mail or pm if you want my snare samples. They are a bit dated, but I have quite a few from an Alesis D4 drum module that I personally recoding into my DAW. I would be glad to send the individual samples to you if you think you are lacking in snare quality. I personally think your current snare has too much bite and not quite enough body. I suppose you could add some low mids, but if you want new samples, I'll provide.
  12. Dead on my friend. I have a pair of each for both studio and live mixing and I'll never look back. The DT880's are far superior in my opinion, but I may just be a BeyerDynamic fanboy (I had a pair of 770's for almost 5 years before my current set). My boss however (who is a 25+ year engineer by profession), swears by the Sennheiser 280's and Sony V900's. I guess it's preference.
  13. Thanks for the input! I felt the drums might have been a little weak on the highs as well. I hate to bump, but I would like at least one more critique before I switch this bad boy to mod review to find out if it can make it.
  14. I have to agree with anti-syne in every way. You need to post more about your track and leave a source as well. I must also say that you should really consider using arrangement rather than playing in general. I don't think you quite have the skills to perform what you are doing. I'm hearing to many wild velocity changes and timing issues. You have indeed gotten better however, so that's something to consider as well. The lack of percussion is very detrimental to this track, as it becomes very bland to ears very quickly. I also noticed that there are no chords in the entire song. Not even a 2 note chord. I refuse to believe you have a monophonic keyboard, so I will say that you should add some chord work. You also need to add simply more tracks to this. You have that incessant rain going throughout the track, so it can't be that you lack the resources to add more tracks....so add more. You should have a bassline of some sort and perhaps some counter melodies as well. You also need some use of effects on your tracks such as reverb and delay. I could go on, but this is probably enough to consider for the time being. Good luck.
  15. I like what I'm hearing. Your composition is impressive. I have to say that the kick is waaay hot, and needs to come down. Actually, It might even need a new patch, because the highs on it are way sharp. Your guitars don't sound synth to me, but your delay on the leads are pretty wild. You should tone them down. The rhythm sounds perfect (good setting and good playing). I also really enjoy your synth stuff. I think your techno "industrial" sounding drums were sick as well. All said, I like the track. Good job:razz:
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