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  1. Oh my... I said I'd be back! Let's start this from the ground up! https://soundcloud.com/faytxstay/chemical-plant-zone-speed-1
  2. Do you ever answer your email? :-)

  3. Finally re-uploaded after so long. I made a few changes.
  4. Careful of what you say, dood. Andrew is a friend of mine, and pirating -ANYTHING- from Impact Soundworks is out of the question. I can point you to a free guitar library using kontakt, but please refrain from mentioning anything of the sort from now on.
  5. I'll be the first to say that you're really ballsy going after one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, so kudos. I'll also be the first to say that your bass is coming in too thick and that you need to play with Shreddage a bit more for the realism to shine. Your bass is coming to thick, drowning out a lot of the mids. (Example: Your lead) I'll be watching your progress and if you need any advice on Shreddage, I'm your guy. (I followed you on SoundCloud.)
  6. BTW. If that's Shreddage II, I'll be impressed with the tone you've achieved. I still haven't found my niche, yet. It's an on-going adventure, I'm afraid. I also enjoy using AMPEG SVT/Amplitube 3[Ampeg included] when playing with Shreddage Bass.
  7. Definitely expand on this more! Is that Shreddage Bass I hear?
  8. Did a short remix of a track from an upcoming game by a friend! It's short and sweet, but I'm working to expand it. Also, I've never played with a few of these instruments before, so I have questions about things such as chiptune, choice for orchestral instruments and whatnot. Cheers! Source: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/faytxstay/cryamore-to-the-skies-guitar
  9. Timaes, you mind re-posting that second one without the drums? Edit: I'm not a bass player, but I watched a few videos on things that bass players like to do. I decided to play with the articulations, "Sustain, Staccato and Slide"(Can't get modulation/portamento to work). Didn't change much but it sounds a bit better in my opinion. Here's the bass, separated. https://www.box.com/s/uouspe14au53ip1vutil
  10. Up'ed for the last time. I think I have it this time. Gonna actually work on rearranging it, now. I changed the drums, but I may them back. Removed the lead so that you could hear the rhythm more clearly.
  11. Thank you! And as for your answers: I don't like the rattling bass either but other people seem to disagree. Of course I'm going to extend and completely reshape the mix. I just wanted my instruments to sound in order before I went any further. I'm glad everything is getting convincing sounding. I added treble on the kick(10khz). I'll revert it back. I'll get to arranging, right away!
  12. Re-up'd: Cranked up the bass and cut the low of my rhythm guitar. Now my bass sounds like it's rattling, due to the treble/edge. Is this the sound you desire?
  13. Been practicing Blazblue songs for a minute now. Been working on learning about DB/Level and Compression. Been learning how to get Shreddage and drums to sound as convincing as possible. Now I have to learn five things: How to find a suitable bass amp- How to EQ two lead guitars and sync pinch bends/sqeuals without ripping out my hair- What direction I want to take this song in to destroy the conservativeness- How to recognize chord progression- How to continuously get better- Note: (I got as close to 0db on the Fruity Meter as possible. I then threw a Brickwall limiter on the track. Just sayin'.) 'Remix' https://www.box.com/s/33673i2knh5umibvguhj 'Source'
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