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    hahaha that was a line from a movie! you took that completely out of context
  2. since a midi file is just data, aren't you using some kind of music program/sequencer to play and remix it? why not export it to mp3 using that program
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    irc channel

    hi everybody, i've been hanging out in IRC the past two days and the amount of disrespect new members get is really troubling! i don't know what past experiences everyone has with newbies but it seems to be a 24/7 roast for all "new fags" and "KNOW UR ROLE NEWFAG" however, on other forums i've been to, i've found the forums and irc channels are really pretty separate entities as far as policies/users go, especially since the ocremix forum has a "newbie welcome thread," etc. in other words, does anyone else share my sentiments about irc being a little too cliquish? should i be staying away from irc until i am an established poster? or are they usually really nice and i just came in a bad day or what
  4. hi! i like video game music and music in general and i hope to make a remix soon so get your autographs while you still can