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  1. It's good but it feels a bit empty. It loses energy quite quickly and at times it sounds like theres no shuffle or ghosts in between the snares you could have layered some nice breaks over those drums to make them sound more continuous and add more shuffle. I was expecting very elaborate drum programming after the panning the effects at the intro (which make you almost dizzy). Whatever that is in between the snares at around the time after 2:30 i dont think it fits very well and also i think if you were going to do something like that you should have started your drums off like it. really nice bass at 2:35+ though. I really like the pause at 2:21 its good, a great oppurtunity to drop in with the drums and a heavy bassline, but it was wasted with a pointless gap of lost drum loops wondering what to do next. Overall I think its really good but you should layer an eq'd out break add more hats and get some shuffle in the drums. more diverse patterns. Just thought i'd comment because you havnt got any feedback.
  2. please give the technical analysis. no i am not discouraged.
  4. I couldn't agree more. There is definately alot wrong with it and it is repetitive because I only wrote a few unique bars them copy and pasted them to make the track, its flabby and all over the place at times. This is my first time using midi also I just wanted to break the ice with a track, it took me about 3 hours to do. I'll probably start a new project that's worth doing when I get home. Thanks for listening... Also I just listened to it on a different computer on normal earphones and it sounds very very different to what it sounded like at home. Maybe I need monitors.
  5. this is first video game track and also like 4th or 5th actual track. theres lots wrong with it but ill post it now as Wip