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  1. Hi, I've self-released my first album. This project goes go by the name Nightbound and I'm aiming for interesting, melodic, mostly 80's-sounding, synth pop music with a variety of retro and modern influences. I produce, mix, master and make my own artwork. Have a listen: https://nightbound.bandcamp.com/releases
  2. I love this. It's always interesting, all transitions are really smooth. The synths are awesome and well filtered. Nice drum sounds, and the beats are varied and great paced. Top quality tune!
  3. This is great. You really got that MGS vibe! Professional production all the way. The organic and digital elements blend well. Great rhythms, love the drive of the track.
  4. I've been fiddling with music for over 15 years, my first and only OCRemix was submitted in 2008. Some of you might know me from the PRC compo in the Competitions forum section. I've decided it's time to try to focus on a project. It'll be my first serious release. I think I'd like to call the sound "space synth" and it's some kind of synth pop with bitpop and synthwave influences. I've got about nine songs that's almost finished. Here's three of them: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xjqcl4wxdghvfye/EP - Sisu mix.mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3apx6ifbvf4c6zp/EP - Floating Po
  5. A last minute entry from me. Kaliber is the brand of my favorite snus.
  6. I just have to give this overlooked tune some more love. It's still on my top 5 OC Remixes ever. It's perfectly adapted to the genre. You can tell that this is an experienced and established death metal band/artist playing a cover, which is a good premise for any remixe or cover.
  7. I still love it. Where's 1-2? I would not mind an whole album in this style.
  8. The moment this song plays, I start to relax. My shoulders drop and I become aware of how tense I was. Original, beautiful, well produced. I think it's amazing, 10/10.
  9. Yeah, sorry, A bonus of checking this low frequented forum part
  10. (That bump ) I chose the Player Phase 1 song as source for the PRC 352 competition The thread will probably be up soon in the Competition forum on this site.
  11. I'm featured on that site, a remix of the Gummi Bears theme I did 12 years ago under the name Nareen: http://www.animeremix.org/remix/46/ Let's see if I can think of a nice source for this compo. Maybe I'll make a new Gummi Bears remix.
  12. Yay, thanks for the votes and kind words! I love that this compo still is going strong, thanks Bundeslang for the awesome work! As I said, I didn't have time to upload the latest version, so here it is if you're interested: http://picosong.com/E2fG/ EDIT: Sorry about the excess part at the end.
  13. I remembered this compo three minutes before the deadline, so I didn't have time to write a description. It's an original synthwave/80s inspired synth tune. EDIT: Didn't have time to render the final version either
  14. I'll throw in an half-finished bonus: http://picosong.com/QjJq/
  15. I had downloaded five different versions (or rather, filenames) before those and all were the same, but the second one you linked are correctly mapped. Thanks!
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