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    Just a little to get the ball rolling.
    He is a self-proclaimed creature of the night, not the whole unholy ceremony thing, just a person who works and functions better the later or earlier, depending on your viewpoint, a night progresses.You know what they say; "No rest for the wicked".
    One of his core beliefs is that for the overall fulfillment of life and enrichment of the soul, one thing must be done, and that is to continually challenge your own conscious minds perception and description of reality.
    His life consists of one unparalleled goal, the most fundamental desire of humanity, that is to know all that he can. For if the old adage "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER", is true then with this knowledge he will have complete control over his own existence.
    He loves thinking about and discussing everything under the sun to great depths. He can think of nothing more fulfilling than having great long and interesting conversations about anything you can think of!
    He thinks of himself as highly cynical about most things. He likes to think of himself as counter culture.

    Well enough with the intro.
    Height: 6'6" 198cm
    Weight: 277lbs 125kgs
    Eyes: Dark Brown - Green
    Hair: Long Dark Brown
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    Tim Stoker
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    Between Jobs

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
  • Software - Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
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    Vocals: Male
  1. This ReMix of one of the premiere soundtracks of Unreal Tournament is worthy of far greater praise that i can even muster. The soft melody ring true to its original piece. The synth work is amazingly vibrant and really deep at the same time. Within the first few seconds you don't think much has been altered and mixed around, but then as you go deeper and longer into the track, you can clearly tell that this is one of those mixes that will stand the test of time. This mix resonates with me just as superbly as most of the work done for the "The Dark Side of Phobos" & "Delta-Q-Delta", both f
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