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  1. Well, admittedly I was trying to make sure they didn't overpower the mix, but you're right, everything else seems to overpower them. If I push the soundlevels up though, it doesn't sound quite as jazzy and laidback as I had originally intended. I suppose I'll still be messing around with this mix for a while yet, haha. Thanx for the feedback.
  2. Thanx for the input. I'm considering purchasing jam packs from Apple that supposedly contain lots of high-quality software instruments, though I don't know if it's worth the $100 for each jam pack.
  3. Hello, OCRemix community! I've been visiting the site and listening to all the great creativity for over two years now, since I was 13, and last year I tried my hand at creating some ReMixes myself. I found it much easier to arrange an already great composition to make it even better with sounds and samples of higher quality, rather than just compose something new myself. GarageBand may not be state of the art composition technology, but until I can figure out how to use a tracker, it'll do My first remix was really just an arrangement of Zelda's "Dark World", but it didn't turn out all too well, due to the lack of realistic sounding instruments. http://tindeck.com/listen/bgme This is a remix of Super Mario Kart's "Rainbow Road" which is practically done, though there is still some adjusting to be done with sound levels, and though I think a different key sounds better, I may want to keep it in it's original pitch. I will probably edit it more depending on the opinions and comments I receive. Please post your feedback, good or bad, as I want to know how to improve for future remixing. Thanks For Listening!
  4. Simply awesome! Classic Mazedude Style! Kind of reminds me of Hydrocity from Sonic 3 with all the gr8 syncopation.
  5. I'm dying for more remixes of this gr8 game. I know not as many people would know of it in North America but in PAL territories, this is our payback for not getting Chrono Trigger on SNES. This is a classic RPG with great music. Any track is good to remix, but Tower Of Trial strikes me in particular as very nice. Elle's Theme and Zue also stood out for me, although there are already a remix of that one.