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  1. this is the PERFECT source material for a remix. tons of awesome pieces that could be put together in many different arrangments! good job! i'll see what i can come up with.
  2. wow! awesome song jerry! i look forward to hearing the rest of the entries!
  3. i finished my song. its kind of late but ive got it. who do i give it to and how?
  4. thanks man! didnt you and i compete in a cmc? under the rug?

  5. i posted! as for ideas, i just took the hook and made it into a chorus and improvised solos...
  6. Where the hell did you come from? Dude, you are awesome.

  7. WTF! i missed the deadline! that sucks... i had it done and everything... oh well.
  8. my entry is finished! now i just have to record it... this is a good source jerry!
  9. i hope its doable! i figured you couldnt go wrong with four parts
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