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  1. Sources Tron Legacy's Derezzed - Tron Legacy's Overture - [also appears in The Grid] - [also reprises in the movie numerous times] Metroid Prime's Phendrana Drifts - Sonic's Chemical Zone - Super Metroid's Prologue -
  2. Source track: Remix: Also includes homages to a couple other themes, one from Metroid and one not Let me know if ya figure it out Made a Double-Rainbow Version: Lyrics: Double-rainbow, all the way across the sky in Phendrana Drifts Double-rainbow, all the way across the sky it's freezing outside. *repeat* *improvisational vowel-shape bus'ness*
  3. "A bad game is bad forever, but a delayed game will eventually be good"--Shigeru Miyamoto A bad album is bad forever, but a delayed album will eventually be good.
  4. Reminds me a lot of a few Missingno mixes I liked No complaints here!
  5. To me, the beginning almost comes out of nowhere; I'd do a fade-in on everything except the nature sound, if not just one instrument/texture: when that melody reaches the appropriate dynamic, let everything lower or higher appear slightly less subtly underneath err above it. "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is MOAR BRASS!" ;P And even while my last name will always be Short, this remix need not be. Elongate it! -kinky-
  6. Verzion 1.1 is now available. New And Improved: -New Instruments -New Riffs, from other Geometry Wars themes -New Structure -New Ending Also, Geeky, find me on TurnTable soon; I have an idea for what you oughtta name y'all's Geometry Wars album.
  7. Haha, yeah, hearing your old stuff made me wanna try it. I should add crash cymbals to make transitions better identifiable, and add new layers constantly to keep it freshly building, and then somehow make the piano breakdown at the end longer if not also simply more epic. Perhaps? Another friend and I agree on a couple things: the bass guitar riff needs a solo moment before you struggle to hear it underneath everything; the beat needs to be more pronounced, especially bass, and particularly when things get heavy. Thanks fer the feedback!
  8. Source: Geometry Wars mix, took me several hours. Almost more of a learning exercise than a mix, but I could certainly improve and finally finish it later on, so I post here for input. Thanks and enjoy!
  9. Happy Birthday! Sturm And Kong's still a fave
  10. I have at last begun learning FLstudio. First project? http://tindeck.com/listen/reds None other than my favorite video game theme of all time: <--source material. Enjoy! Opinions, input, and criticism needed.
  11. Arena from Tron: Legacy meets Samus' Fanfare and Halo's chant. http://tindeck.com/listen/jbzk Made on GarageBand for iPad. Feedback and comments welcome! Thanks
  12. http://tindeck.com/listen/rljt Put this together with a few hours at the Apple Store and GarageBand for iPad. Part of http://remixadaykeepsnewmusicinplay.tumblr.com/ , which I introduced tonight: Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks! I think I'll be putting each of the daily mixes up here for feedback if I think they're worthy.
  13. Gladly. Haven't been here in a while, how's everybody doin'? My submission: Experience Points
  14. Well, thankye. Haha, I'll look into checkin' it out. Lot on my plate.
  15. Apologies if my "tactful manner" is to be seen as rude. :\ This week I've been waking up at 3 or 4 every morning and not managing to go back to sleep. So I figured I'd get back on the computer for an hour or two then return to bed. No luck, just 'bout time to go to school. Haha, I Wiki'd it; haven't seen Death To Smoochy. Big fan of Norton's performances in Fight Club and The Italian Job though; only saw The Illusionist once, but it was also impressive.
  16. Heard of the fountain, checked out Insomnia first time recently (love it), heard of those next few, seen The Outsiders (classic indeed), not interested in Halo anime, and of course I really need to see Poltergeist.
  17. On his commentary, Darabont said Goodfellas was a huge inspiration to him as he was writing an' directing Shawshank; I oughtta check it out. Really wanna see Blade Runner. Kill Bill, eh, maybe. After Inglorious Basterds, I might make an effort to check it out.
  18. If this were facebook, I would "like" this comment; but it's not, so I will use this statement as a way of showing that I agree instead. I only saw Batman Begins once: in the theater. Sure, it was probably total bliss to my ten-year-old self, but The Dark Knight seemed to mature as much as I had in the years between. It was more complicated, yet more beautiful and elegant (at least for a movie of its kind). Regardless, we're certainly all excited to see if TDKReturns blows us and the first two away.
  19. Nolan writes the rules, the story just plays by them. If he had to detail absolutely every little rule, there'd be no fun in it. But here are a couple the movie didn't explain too specifically: 1. Apparently, zero-gravity only affects the next layer of dreaming; see what Kenogu said in regards to momentum, that's what I mean to say. 2. Apparently, there's no sedative powerful enough to increase the number of dream levels between reality and limbo; as Kenogu adds, "...that they had access to". Ya kinda see what I mean? One question I had recently was: "How did they all wake up on the plane not being hooked up to the PASIV shared-dream device?" But as a human being, I have the ability to concoct a rational (however irrational Nolan's concept) answer based on the established rules the film makes us aware of. "The stewardess was assisted in detaching it from everyone by the first person who woke up; later, when DiCaprio and Watanabe come up through from limbo, it's already put away." Nolan has a better, more accurate and thorough answer, but that's mine. As for how Cobb and Saito were communicating in subconscious even without the PASIV device, the brain is a powerful mystery that no body yet fully understands, so Nolan might say "They were exchanging brain waves to each other for that final exchange in limbo [before shooting themselves to wake up]."
  20. Well, thankye! I'll ask again soon. Tonight, we went through my parents' DVD drawers for movies I haven't seen and got out about 40 - to watch this year. We've got a system of deciding which ones to watch next which involves each of us rolling up to four dice. First in line are: 1) Total Recall 2) Gladiator 3) Sweet Home Alabama A few others we set out include the likes of classics from Never Been Kissed to Saving Private Ryan, so it's a pretty wide range of movies I haven't seen. There're dozens more we don't own that I also need to see though. And once we're done with these I haven't seen which we own, perhaps American Beauty will have made its way to Netflix's streaming service. Plot, nothing special; setting, eh, maybe. Definitely one that if you missed its theater-run, you missed it. If Fox didn't brag so much about the money it made, yeah, more people might like it better.
  21. If you consider unanswered questions plotholes, try to understand that they were intentional. Rest assured, there's no question any of us can ask which Nolan can't answer. Inception is somewhat an experiment, a test of what the audience can handle. Based on the gross revenue thus far, a majority of us absolutely love drawing our own conclusions with our own perspectives. SPOILER ALERT: The end is what the rest of the movie calls reality. I put it that way because for all we know, "reality" could simply be dreamstate/dream-layer 0; the movies are in fact giant dreams spit up on to the screen in a tangible form. Anyway, the point is, I have proof - a solidifying clue, thanks to actor Michael Caine in a snip of an interview I read - that the end is real. He said, "I never appear in any of the dreams. The end is real because I'm there [to welcome Cobb home]." The top on the table still spinning but starting to stutter is just Nolan playfully screwing with us and our inferior brains all the more. The scenes that give me tearful chills are all the flashbacks with Cobb's wife, and the top still spinning at the end. It's just the perfect ending, so beautiful. I guess the reason this movie also gets me somewhat emotional is because of the circumstances in which I saw it over the summer, but that's a longer story.
  22. Please do, name one such plot whole, anybody. I bought the Best Buy-exclusive Triple Pack (DVD + 2 Blurays + Digital Copy) w/ Shooting Script and watched it 5 times in 8 days. Found no such issues with the plot. Did find a couple quibbles about Memento - Nolan's other masterwork - though. I agree 100% with RDX: to a majority of people, movies in the theater are just background to their foreplay and makin' out an' whatever else. If nothing else, Inception's definitely at least a fun thriller. Totally, definitely. I do believe I heard Nolan or Warner Bros. or perhaps some other fan of his say he wouldn't ruin the masterpiece with a sequel. If anything, he has expressed his interest in exploring further his Inception universe through the wonder of interactive entertainment. That is, a video game. Half of me says "WTF IS THIS CRAP?" but the other half is "HOLY CRAP WOW, HE THOUGHT OF ALL OF THIS...AMAZING." iHaveYetToSee Shutter Island, but I've heard two things: 1) "Dude, it's amazing"/"You'd love it"/"You need to see it" or 2) More like SHITTER ISLAND
  23. I actually just watched it my first time last night. I would have let go had mom not been in the next room. Very relatable, especially fer me. Love Robin Williams' performance, too. Danny Elfman's music was all it needed to be. For now, I like A Beautiful Mind better. However, I relate more to Will Hunting than John Nash, I think. John Nash had an impact on the world (based on a true story); whereas the character Will Hunting was hesitant or reluctant to.
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