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  1. happy squarewave day you bubbly bright saccharin genius. Also random 300th post out of nowhere SUP GAIS.
  2. Hey man, just wanted to say Happy Birthday! :D

    Have a good one!

  3. Hey! What's up?

    Long time, no visitor chatter! :D

    I was wondering if you wanted to join the Grand Maverick Remix Battle!

    DarkeSword's going to have 16 or up to 32 remixers... right now, there's 15 more slots open until 32 mixers are on board! :D

    Just wanted to let you know. :D

    Edit: Good grief, I sound like the recruiter for a brand new guild on the old Battle.net Clan Hall forums. Wasn't intentional, I swear. :P

  4. My ears are burning what is going on in here? also hoping to get some time in for this for some padawanship
  5. (not on list in first post) /sadface
  6. i concour pretty nifty idea i wouldn't consider myself a "noob" persay but i'm no expert by any means plus i've got some star friends i talk to regularly who would probably love the opportunity to collab
  7. i don't know how mechanical this one is but it's definitely happy and quirky http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01539/
  8. i'm loving how mazedude is two of the first few songs posted in this thread he has alot of what you're looking for imo, he has this really quirky mechanical style. here would be my suggestion http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01855/ edit: blarg i guess that one isn't too "friendly" here is one happier i suppose http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01432/
  9. Hey! Happy Birthday! :D

    Have a good one! :D

  10. ha JH you're the best
  11. 'Suppers? I just wanted to spam your wall... err... let you know that there's still some room in the The Sonic Zone Remix Competition. Right now, there's about 3 spots left, if 'ya were still interested!

  12. I've been wanting to release a few more albums on my bandcamp just to get some of my music out there. i don't know much to say about it, it's a collection of chiptuney tracks (some old some new) that i have made over the past year or so. more albums to come soon... http://geekystoner.bandcamp.com/album/bitgroov-ep also to anybody who could come up with better or improved album art, that would be appreciated.
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