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  1. thanks for the feedback guys, i'll take it all under advisement. my main problem is that i'm learning how to use the software (fruity loops) as i'm doing this, so it's pretty slow going. i'll keep plugging away and hopefully have something up later this week
  2. Im a bit of a remixing noob so bear with me. I've made a start on this remix of lower brinstar, but it's nowhere near finished. Seeing as it's my first go, i thought i'd get some feedback before i get too far ahead of myself. I've only incorporated a few elements as of yet and i still want to add some percussion, but i have no clue what exactly i want at the moment. Anyway, the main thing i want feedback on is the production. i personally like the sound of it, but i think i might be pushing it by having a lot of stuff happening at once and things maybe starting to lose clarity. As well as that, just general comments on how it sounds (even though it's only 1 minute 20 seconds so far) and if anyone thinks i'm going in the right or wrong direction thanks in advance
  3. howdy y'all. i found this site a while ago and have been enjoying it ever since. i thought i'd try and contribute. i'll be showing my crappy work in progress very soon for some constructive criticism
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