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  1. Actually I've never really cared for albums as a whole. There are always stuff I don't like, so I focus on songs instead. (And I rip the best songs to the computer so I don't have to deal with cd's.) So, I really like the song Close to the Edge, it's up there among the best epics ever. "And you and I" is great for what it is too, while I don't care for Siberian Khatru. It's the same for the Fragile album, the three longer songs are great, but I would never listen to the whole thing. Also Aqualung is just lots of different parts and songs, sometimes glued together well. Some things are great, but Thick as a Brick is totally different to me since it really is a single piece, a true epic. ^^ I didn't say it's ultimate, but I think it WOULD be if shortened down 10-20 minutes to improve focus. Jag har lyssnat på lite blandat av din musik nu, och tyvärr måste jag säga ungefär vad de flesta andra också verkar säga, att det ofta känns för ofokuserat. Självklart är det en smaksak, men jag gillar ju variation och fokus, inte ett riff som spelas i flera minuter till lite gitarr-noodlande, innan själva melodin dyker upp. Därför jag föredrar nyare prog rock som Transatlantic eller tillochmed Dream Theater, som bryter upp till nya grejer snabbare. If you intend to answer this, we might as well go private to stop bumping this thread.
  2. A bit off-topic, but: Lie Mf B: Hehe, and despite the fact that we both love progressive rock, we have opposite views on it! I think the problem with most older prog rock is that the solo parts drag on for far too long. Also I think that "Thick as a Brick" by Jethro Tull IS cohesive and just brilliant! It's a bit too draggy though (they had to do SOMETHING to cover up the side switching, but the "do you believe" over and over is just boring), but I've been thinking lots of times that I gotta do a remake that's just 20-25 minutes, 'cause it would be the perfect epic in my ears. Oh, and I don't agree that prog rock bands could just mix every song together. I think it's very important that the epics have proper (and powerful) openings and endings, and that they use the themes for different stuff in the middle, and also mix it all up with different parts to make it all more varied. So in that way my medley isn't really ultimate, but then again, it's a medley and not an epic. ^^ Och jag försökte kolla upp din musik, men det är nåt skumt, för jag får bara 2 sekunder av låtarna på din sajt och din jewel man. :S
  3. It sounds promising, but the mp3 you're linking to is only 2 seconds long.. Re-upload please! ^^ Edit: Ok, there it is. I like it! The end notes of the thing (0:57-1:00 in your track) was so sloppily played by me in my medley, kinda out of tune and just not sounding good. I thought about it right after I recorded it, but felt it was good enough. But that part is so much better in your version, so now I feel bad about it. Haha, and the ending is SOO 70s prog. It's cool though, not too draggy. YET! I don't know what your final plan for it is. I personally think that the volume of the instruments aren't that well balanced. I had to listen to it on very low volume, and I had trouble hearing drums and the nuances because the guitars and solo keys were so high in the mix. Oh well, good work, now I'm going to listen to all your older stuff! ^^
  4. Hi again, thanks for your comments and support. I really don't care anymore, tindeck is fine and I've got an audience on youtube that I'm content with. But you have my permission to spread the mp3 to any site you'd like, as long as my nickname and preferably the youtube link is mentioned. (Although it's all in the mp3 tags, so maybe it doesn't matter.) Oh, and I made another song/video that's been even more successful than my Mega Man medley: Anyway, so that's all from me on this forum.
  5. JackKieser: I apreciated your thoughts, and I agree that there's nothing wrong with critisism. I LOVE critisism, seriously. My point is that medleys obviously isn't the way to go on ocremix, so I don't have anything here to do. I'll try to make my next medley (Super Mario Galaxy) more coherent, but that's all. Thanks anyway! (Oh, and I submitted the medley. Let's hope I got the info right etc. The worst thing is that 100kb/s just isn't enough, but oh well.)
  6. XZero: Thanks, but I definitely don't want to do separate tracks. The reason I'm into progressive rock and medleys is that I want variation, I can't stand too many loops in music. So, screw OCR then. JackKieser: It's interesting that you want more solos. I don't think many would agree with you on that, because my experience is that people only like what they recognize.. Especially videogame fans as opposed to musicians. So, with a medley like this it's better to stick with the original melodies, in my opinion. Also, I personally only like solos if they are really NEEDED by the music, and in a way all the melodies in this medley are like melodic solos anyway, so I think this is enough for instrumental pieces like this. I apreciate getting your view on the matter though! othersteve: Thanks alot. J3: Thanks, I really like these kinds of comments. I guess it depends on what you want from music. I want lots of different ideas and parts thrown at me when listening to music. The same thing developing for minutes can be cool, but mostly I think it gets boring and dragged out. But yeah, there are 14-15 different songs in this medley, so naturally it was hard to make every transition work well. (I was actually surprised so many of them did.) I also tried to get different sounds for each part, so it wasn't just "horse rhythm a la Iron Maiden" throughout the song. Regarding the 3:40 part: Agreed, it turned out great. Oh well, thanks for your comment, I'll just skip ocremix for this one.
  7. Rozovian: Hmm.. I kinda understand what you mean, but I don't know if I agree. But I mean, I really like music like Dream Theater's "Dance of eternity", where new things keeps coming every 20th second. I like variation in music. But yeah, I'm trying to join the irc channel, but I can't connect to the server irc.enterthegame.com. Every other irc-server works just fine, but why not this one?
  8. Rozovian: Thanks. Well, I think it's cohesive, there are maybe two "transitions" that are a little abrupt, but other than that.. Why are they having that 6mb-limit? I mean, sure, I can compress it at 100kb/s VBR, but don't they prefer good quality? I'll check out R:TS..
  9. Hi guys. So, I've made a medley of all the songs from Mega Man 9, and I really like it. My main problem is that it's 7:30 long, so it's kinda hard to squeeze the song down to 6.00mb without sacrificing quality. Any ideas on what to do? (I've tried lameMP3 at 118kbps, but it's not enough, and I don't think I want worse quality than that. =/ ) If you want more context, see the environments etc, you could also Anyway, comments please!
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