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  1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Got a new album (instrumental again) in the works that should be done this year.
  2. Hi! It's been a while since I posted on OCRemix, ... but now finally my new VGM album is out! It's called Rock 'n' Roll for Basement Dwellers and has 8 classic rock and funk covers of video game songs – this time with vocals. Songs are from Mega Man 3, Mega Man 10, Phantasy Star 2, Blades of Steel, and other games. Reactions have been very positive so far. Hope you like it! Listen to it here: http://mutherpluckin-b.com/sm2player_basement.html Or on Youtube: Find all my music on http://mutherpluckin-b.com
  3. I've made a music video for my rock 'n' roll cover of the Spark Man song from Mega Man 3. Hope ya'll like it!
  4. Thank you very much for the feedback! It seems awful quiet in this forum these days, so I'm glad to hear anything. Glad you mentioned the opening line in the lyrics. Maybe it is too iconic after all ... I used it mainly due to frustration of not being able to write anything better. Opening lines are difficult, I think. But I'll see what I can come up with. The piano solo is just a rough test, I'm going to play it much better and then raise it in the mix. The lyrics not being discernable is partly just a style of mine, a bit inspired by 1960s-70s Mick Jagger ...
  5. Here's me stepping into new territory - rock remixes with vocals and lyrics. I'm doing several songs in this style, but I'm not feeling sure about this one. Please let me know what your impression is of this song. It's only the first verse and chorus, lots of it needs retakes, but all the ingredients are there basically. In my opinion, the tempo is probably too fast -- what do you guys think about that?
  6. I thought I'd bump this thread a bit, partly because I think the album cover images deserve some more attention.
  7. Hello folks! My fourth album of retro rock video game remixes is finally done! It has songs from games like Turtles In Time, Duck Tales, Mega Man 1-3, SMB3, Psycho Fox, Ilomilo and Rokko Chan, some of which has been posted here in the WIP forum before. You can listen/download by clicking the album front and back covers above!
  8. This song is now finished as a Cutman + Outrun song and has a new thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=93097 Please post all your comments there. Thanks!
  9. This song is a medley of the Cut Man song from Mega Man 1 paired with Golden Sound Shower from Outrun, the classic Sega/arcade racing game, which initially began as a "Woodstock" jam with a Santana-esque style to it. It still has a strong live feel to it, but also lots of melody and grooves. Question: How do you like the mix? (EQ, panning, reverb, levels, etc.) Also: Do you think the leslie guitar in the left speaker should be kept? I was about to delete it to make the mix less cluttered, but eventually left it there.
  10. To tell you the truth, I think this song (the source tune) kinda sucks (so maybe I shouldn't even comment on your remix at all). It has no melody or hook, it's just a backdrop of ambient sounds, and I don't like the "plastic wood" sounds of Donkey Kong Country that much anyway. That said, I think you made a better song than the source. I like the heavy drums, the sound effects, even that drawn out high pitched sound that's going on here and there. I like the electronic "machine" style of it. I agree that the bass could be better. If you make some nice bass lines, and not just hammer on 8ths and base notes, it could liven up the tune a lot.
  11. I think this forum is a little slow during the summer time. Very nicely played! The original tune sure is very laidback loungey, almost muzak. I like your piano version better -- it has a great live feel. You wrote that it's just a demo, but I think it's great already. You might risk making a stiffer version if you start "cleaning" it up too much.
  12. Hello all! I'm working hard on making a new album now, and here's one of the tracks: the Himalaya Theme from Duck Tales (NES), in a chicken' pickin' country style, featuring a friend of mine on banjo. Edit: I've now almost finished the track. The only thing missing is the banjo during the last half of the song, as well as a ukulele. Let me know what ya'll thinks!
  13. Thanks a billion for all your suggestions. A lot of interesting stuff there! Unfortunately, I'm still at loss as what I'm gonna add to my song. I realized that "country" music necessarily won't do it. What I need is a good bridge (aka a middle eight) to put towards the end of my remix, something melodic that fits with the rest of the song. I've been listening to tons of other tracks but never found anything that works with the style and tempo (for instance, I tried to nick the end part of the Moon Base theme from Duck Tales, but the tempo was just wrong). EDIT: Here's the track so far, posted in a thread at the WIP forum: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=92905
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