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  1. Downloaded the game yesterday on the xbox 360, and I must same the remixed music fits the game very well indeed, a remarkable achievement. A few times last night, I had to just pause the game so I could listen to some of the tracks all the way through, love it! Thanks so much!!
  2. Videos showing different versions of the music for those interested. Loving all the music in this game (click the link to open youtube video, for some reason the embedding for the genesis version has been disabled and needs to be opened via the 'Genesis/Megadrive music' link) (C64 Music) (Genesis/Megadrive music) (Amiga version) (Arcade) Short at the start (1st level music is almost in its entirety from 5:48 - 7:05 in the vid)
  3. Hi There, I've been a longtime lurker to the site, and I absolutely love all the remixes to the classics out there, a few of my favourites being Ken Song, Monstrous Turtles!, and The Dark Reaches of SMW. I've been searching everywhere for a mix of the music from the game Midnight Resistance. It is a game from Data East released in the very late 80's early 90's. There are a ton of videos for it on YouTube, and I absolutely love the music from the game. Im interested in the intro+1st level music, and was wondering if anyone had an interest in remixing the music to this game? I can imagine a mix with conventional instruments and guitars, maybe rock, dance or even metal. I hope this becomes a reality! Thanks in advance! -J