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  1. Hey guys! Ok i have a big problem that has been bugging me for ages, Chocarena By Draggor is a remix of the chocobo theme i belive. Now what im after is basically a song that is like that, Iv searched for Chocobo to hear the other remixes but nothing stands out. I wondered if anyone knew of any remix/song that sounded alot like this, Basically i need this theme, but not exactly the same, I need it to keep the same rythm and tempo etc, but maybe be a little different. (Still keeping the happy chirping tone) I am not specifically requesting a remix, If any of you know of a song that you coul
  2. Hey everyone! Im Matt and im looking forward to spending ALOT of my time here So far all i have seen is a great community, no downsides what so ever! Welcome to all the other peole! Cya around!
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