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  1. I've been coming to this site for a while, now, registered just to post this. This has got to be the best game OST I've heard. You did a great job guys. I guess good remixing along with the nostalgia has made this my favorite album by far. Some of the HD versions could've been more creative than just speednig up the tracks, but ya Im not gonna complain since the whole soundtrack is awesome. My favs: Rock The Asphalt Clamato Fever The Select Few Reinterpretation (was happy to see this make it in) (Ryu) Docks Day (Blanka) Flying Heaven (Fei Long) Army Girl (Cammy) Spittin' Narcisism (Vega) Tribute To The Master (M. Bison) Fav HD versions. Made In U.S.A (Ken) Flying Heaven (Fei Long) Spittin' Narcisism (Vega) Once again these are my favs but IMO all the songs fit the game very well.