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    I'm 15 and I like to identify plagiarism.
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    Parsa Hadidi
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  1. Say, why don't you remix another F-Zero song here? You did so well with 'beyond lightspeed' that now you should try that with other songs like 'crazy call at cry.' BTW, where's yer webpage? Oh and I also live in CA. You have the best Big Foot MIDI EVAR!!!!!!!!

  2. This is like the Climax remix of Red Canyon. Sounding like the original while being something different as well. I think you should just add in a bit more original content so it can pass. But for Step 1, this is just amazing.
  3. This is just the ORIGINAL with ONE EXTRA iNSTRUMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i DON'T BELIEVE IT HASN'T BEEN REMOVED!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ok so that Dr. Stewart remix got removed for be being too close to the original, yet that cossack stage 3 remix is even closer to the original yet it's still up and running even though the stewart mix is great and the cossack mix is flawed heavily. Isn't that totally ironic?
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