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    I have been in love with music my whole life. My dad writes country music for Garth Brooks, George Strait etc. so I got it from him. I took piano lessons for 2 years when I was 9, then I played trumpet in band for about 2 years, now I play guitar, self taught. I have been working with FL Studios for the past year or so on and off, but now that I actually purchased it, I have been working passionately for about a month. (Dec 2008) I would love to collab and take some tips from anyone willing to spend time with me. I have very few original compositions because I'm working on my production first and foremost, then composition. FL Studios V.8 with Van Guard and soon EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, and a few other tools. I have a yamaha keyboard I use as midi.
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  1. Hey i'm new here, but i'm glad i found this site. So many wonderful things are happening here, and i hope to become a long time and constructive member and hope to get to know you guys better. I'd love to collaborate with anyone on just about anything. I just bought FL a week ago, i'm picking up EWQL Orchestra Silver in about a month, I have vanguard. hope to see you guys soon.