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  1. No one said Jewbei was a n00b to music. If people believed that, he wouldn't be on OCR. OCR is famous enough for people to know only the best usually get accepted. Newcomer, n00b, newb, newbie... Who cares how they say it. He's a new artist to OCR. They're not trying to belittle him. Besides, you shouldn't challenge a judge like that, especially when it's a stupid argument. Can we stop changing the subject now? I enjoy reading all the positive feedback this song is getting without the off topic nonsense. Thanks.
  2. Jewbei sent me this song as he was developing it and the result is perfection. Every song he makes is an amazing mix of emotion and imagination, all wrapped up in an mp3 that goes on repeat for hours and hours. Pretension is no exception. Congratulations, J!! It's about time OCR realized how amazing you are.
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