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  1. =P I wasn't expecting to see my very first remix on OCR. but I do appreciate the tips. I'm not very familiar with how to use EQ effectively. I don't exactly have a very good grasp of all of the ideas in music and sound production. Though I do understand the concepts behind compressors and reverb and subtractive filters and such. just need some guidance as to how to implement it. Course, this is also accompanied by the fact that I only have garageband at my disposal. I'm hoping to get something better soon, but for the time being, I'm just trying to learn the concepts, and I figure I can still do that with garageband at my level. As for learning, do you know what I can read up on besides the tutorials here to learn some of these concepts? I'm self taught in image editing, but I find sound a good deal more intimidating ^^;;
  2. well... *Shyly* this is my first attempt at a serious mix... soooo I realize that it probably has a lot of problems. This is the beginnings of what I'm trying to create. I realize that it's obviously not at a high enough level of production quality to even be taken seriously ^^;; and I realize that obviously it doesn't feel finished, but since I'm new at this, I don't really know where to go from here to improve upon what I have. I guess that's what this forum is for, right? ^^;; So here's the mix: What I'm aiming for is a modernized, more upbeat and faster interpretation of the song. You'll probably notice that I'm getting a lot of ideas from the Sonic Rush games, of which I'm a big fan of. If I could point out any problems for myself, I'd say maybe it draws too much from the source material? I really dunno, since again, I'm really new at this ^^;; but along with that, I recognize that the samples aren't really all that sophisticated. So! Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated (Or if you think I need to make any major changes/approach it from a different angle, that's fine too). Thanks! Hope it doesn't hurt anybody's ears too much. ^^;;
  3. I enjoy listening to the sonic rush music, particularly from the original, with the music by Naganuma (I like his stuff a little more than Nakagawa's). Anyway, I've never really been good at categorizing music, namely from games (dunno why). I dunno if that's a common problem for people just starting to get into this kinda stuff, or if I'm just ignorant/stupid =P So, what would one consider it? I've heard people call it "Funk/Hip Hop, or "unconventional techno" but I don't really know what qualifies as hip hop in the first place ^^;;
  4. Well I would, but i've really just started on it, so i don't feel that it's got enough going for it to post in the feedback forums. I dunno if "hip hop" would really describe the style I'm going for, actually. It's probably easier to say that I'm going for around the same style as the sonic rush (in my case, sonic rush adventure) music. I like the use of the horn in the "plant kingdom" stage music, but I dunno how to capture the same effect. Plant Kingdom Music:
  5. Hoy ^^;; Just decided maybe I should start here in getting involved with the community. I'm a long time visitor of ocr, and I actually created this account a long while back, but this is my first time really participating in the forums. I've been playing around with music for a little while now (In garageband though +_+) and I'm trying to develop a better understanding of how music works and why things that sound good... sound good =P I'm a seasoned artist in the visual sense of the term. I've got a deviantart (of the same name. maybe you've seen me or my stuff) but I've always wanted to get into the aural realm of art. so I finally acted on those urges and I'm starting to work my way around the world of sound. Still learning the basics, but I trust my time here and my efforts in arranging and making music will eventually get me feeling comfortable. I already have a background in traditional music, having taken piano for around a decade, and having played in a concert band through middle school and highschool (playing percussion). But my understanding of music theory is still microscopic compared to my experience in the visual department. But again, I hope my efforts and my time spent here will maybe one day get me to the point where I can arrange music worthy of the long list here on ocr! </cheesyintroduction>
  6. Hey all. I kinda just jumped onto the bandwagon not too long ago, so I'm working on my first real serious/not experimentational mix now. *hoping this is the right forum to post this* So I've decided I wanna stick a trumpet into the mix, but the samples I have are.. well they just sound kinda raw. Does anybody have any advice as to how to make a software trumpet or horn sound more sophisticated? It may help to know that it's for a hip hop type deal, and I wanna keep it bright. But any ideas as to how to get it less... sharp and overall irritating? Like, should I filter it somehow? Thanks for any feedback.
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