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  1. Could I help? I've done a lot of my own recordings and play guitar and bass.

  2. I have an idea for a remix, but I have no experience with remixing/mastering sound. I'd like to create a relatively simple melodic arrangement of a piece (I'm familair with Zelda games, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger...the big ones) and play it/record it, I'd even be open to over-dubbing a duet or something, or playing over fake instruments, w/e... What I want to do that would be interesting, though, is create a percussion track based on the keyclicks of the saxophone. If you press down a key on the saxophone and press down keys below that, you can hear "popping" percussive sounds resonating from the inside of the horn. I think it would be neat to take the two or three strongest sounding tones and then track off of them to create a poppy sort of percussive track, and then record my saxophone over that. If you've ever seen the "Cello Rondo" music video off of youtube, it would be something like that - creating a song out of one, accoustic instrument, but using a variety of different sounds from that instrument. If anyone's interested, drop me a PM or an e-mail at Steven.Bonnell.II@GMail.com! Thanks for any help! ~Steven
  3. So I always get these musical ideas, but I can never like, make complete songs out of them...Any ideas/suggestions/help? I'm not really looking for specific advise, though if you have it, go for it, but more general advice on how to make a cohesive, entire song? http://tindeck.com/listen/vgbq http://tindeck.com/listen/zsyk http://tindeck.com/listen/ngmo Please be gentle, I'm NOT a piano player! My instrument is the saxophone! I play barely a little piano on the side, and making a decent piano recording where I don't fuck up horrendously is extremely difficult. So what do you do when you get a melodic idea that's only a minute or so long??
  4. Alright, to answer a few questions... Of course! I love playing, and I have a somewhat decent set of recording gear, so I'd love to play for anyone who needed it!
  5. We did another run through of it today, trying to stay a little closer to the melody, or at least reference it more while playing. I'm pretty happy with the playing here, though I still plan to do one more take (on Wednesday) which will (hopefully) be the last. This should have ended like two minutes earlier, but Alex (the piano player) wouldn't stop playing. -___- Other than that, final thoughts/comments? I'm pretty happy with the recording quality, though the piano mics sound a little noisy for some reason today, and the playing wasn't as sloppy as it usually is We'll probably do one more run down of this on Wednesday, hopefully the most polished version, with hopefully some more references to the main melody. Any final comments/thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks so far for the help guys!
  6. I'm almost embarrassed to post this, but me and my friend get so little time to play together, his schedule is so busy before he has to go back to school after break ends! So basically, my plan is to treat this almost like how you'd play a tune out of a real book. We'll play down the form once (the melody, in this case, over the same progression), then open it up for improv, where that takes us, with me, then he'll improv on the piano, then after that we'll bookend it with me playing the head of the tune again. I think if we shorten up the middle solo section (less time spent on the sax and piano solo, more direction/less wandering), the "bookending" idea could work? The track will still come in pretty long, I think, probably around 7-9 minutes, but encoding would keep it up under thay 7 MB limit. Any thoughts/suggestions? The improv this round was REALLY sloppy! I would have done another take if we'd had time! I'll get to play with him again on Monday and I'll see what we turn out that time, based upon what feedback I get here. I've never done any of this remixing stuff before, but thanks for any/all feedback and advice!
  7. [ EDIT: current version: ] So, a little backstory, then a question, then a possible remix? I've always loved music, since I was in high school I decided this is what I want to do with my life. I have a friend who plays piano, I play the saxophone (alto), and we both get together and just play a lot. We choose a couple chords, then we just play and move from there. Anyway, we were playing few days ago and I was excited because I just got some new mics and a new mixer and was really pleased with the result. I knew a bit of the intro theme to Zelda, Ocarina of Time, and knew it would work over I M7 - IV M7 and had him start on those two chords. You can hear me play the theme over the chords in the beginning... My question, is, would something like this be "submittable" to OCRemix? I guess, I would essentially play the melody once, then just improv the rest of the way through, return to the melody at the end and close somehow. We drift away from (perhaps completely leave behind?) the original melody, so I'm not sure if this even qualifies as a "remix" of sorts, or if it's just way too far out there. I guess, in comparable terms, I imagine this being in a similar ballpark as Vigilante's "May Fortune Smile Upon You" remix. Any thoughts/feedback would be great! I know the playing itself isn't top-notch, this was at the end of our session and I was way too tired for another 10 minute track!
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