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  1. On the whole topic: I don't really see this as a competition as such, but rather a good mean of incentive to learn myself how to arrange and mix/master a song with a definite deadline. What I really like is getting comments on how other people viewed what I worked with, and I do think that commenting when voting should be more or less mandatory, just a few lines about why you liked or didn't like the song and especially some constructive criticism. In my opinion, what makes Gameboy's comment especially insulting is that I have never seen him enter the compo himself. I might be wrong there, but to criticize others (in a derogatory manner) without participating yourself is just plain hypocritical. I see remixing as an art form where you try to improve, emphasize or alter what is already there amd where you can bend a song to your liking. If you don't like instrumental music, you improve it by adding a stunning vocal track. If you hate pianos (who could ever do that?!), you replace it with a spanish flamenco-guitar of your choice etc. However, at least Gameboy was honest; I mean, I dislike slow songs as well as songs in a major key, I'm sure that affects my voting, and I'm pretty sure that everyone has likes/dislikes like that and that our votes are coloured by it. It's more the way he said it than what he actually said that makes me a sad panda. Also, I would prefer not winning any PRC, because there's a lot of agony in finding a good source. (But of course, it's outweighed by the very rewarding feeling to see your source refined into unexpected new pieces of music). Sidenote: I guess I should have voted this time, because I wouldn't have had OneUp in the top 3. ^^
  2. Because taste is subjective... heh, I thank you for your opinion though. But really, you can't compete in music. Still, PRC and the likes are great, because you actually have a deadline, otherwise I just end up procrastinating everything.
  3. Couldn't keep my hands off of this one either. Very massive source, I was overwhelmed at first, and almost gave up, but after a fresh start from another angle, something came out of it in the end.
  4. I figured they were intentional, it's just too hard on my ears... I do think the 1:53 and 2:01 notes would work if the bass followed along, whereas the extra high note just seems way out of place. Of course, that stuff is very individual, just expressing my opinion on it. The static bassline was a nice touch imo, I liked that, except in those cases mentioned already.
  5. *Bows* It's been a favorite (as well as the stage 1 music) of mine for a long time... I owned the cartridge, so since then I suppose.
  6. Working on a bonus mix at the moment, and I know OneUp has something in the works as well.
  7. I killed it on my first try... is there some kind of reward for that?
  8. Quick note: It's the fourth track in the nsf, not the third. Also, I just have to express my love for this wonderful melody once again.
  9. I hadn't noticed the #abcd...z until you typed it now... that makes sense. ^^
  10. Hello, I am indeed a freshman here. OneUp is my brother and have pointed me to the PRC numerous times before, but this time I actually decided to join up, much because I liked the melody... This is also my first complete piece of music, remix or otherwise, I've finished in the last 7 years or so, and I got hooked again, so I hope I will be able to partake more in what seems to be a great community. One question, is there an easy way to see all songs that has previously been covered on OCR (and with that, I guess you mean the official OCR songs as well)? I do have a track in mind. Also, I don't think me or OneUp are going to vote for the other ones songs out of brotherly love (yeah, right), but if you want to take measures against some sort of collusion or whatever, that is entirely up to you. Just thought I'd mention it, and I continously tell him how much his songs suck, and I hope he will return that favour in case I start writing some more. Cheers.