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  1. This is something I've had in my head for a while, and Just finally managed to get down.

    This piano mix (With Bass) is just meant to give a clear representation of the notes and arrangement, with the intention of this being a band recording (with saxophones and stuff like that).


    The Original themes are

    Lunatic Princess

    Cosmic Mind

    Any input is appreciated. Specifically, I have some issues with the very last section where the two lead themes come together, but I'm taking a short break from the project while I sort out other work, so I'll take things on board and get back to it later.

    For final context. This is the band this is being written for.


  2. Hello.

    I'm an undergraduate writing an Essay on Video Game Music in relation to Musical History. Since academic material is thin on the ground I want to collect some information myself.

    Just three easy questions.

    Why do you find Video Game Music Compelling (listening and mixing)?

    What do you believe to be definitive of the VG music Scene? This could be a style, an atmoshere, a certain track even.

    How do you think VG Mixing is different to other form of modern grassroots music?

    Thanks to anyone who fills it in.

    Dan B

  3. A very interesting Album indeed. A lot of people on other forums have claimed that the more recent Ocremix Albums, have become a a weaker medium through their desperation to include all the tracks and extend opportunities to as many artists as possible. I personally disagree with this, finding the Sheer quantity of interpretation the best way to do Justice to the original. Here is al album, like Essence of Lime, that will please both. The variety of tracks is great, and the overall direction is solid and recognisable.

    Sadly there is no point plugging this on Facebook. None of my friends are willing to see outside that which they already know.

    Great Album, great track, can't wait for the Pokemon one now!

  4. screenshot20101121at011.png

    As you can see tracks have been divided and refuse to blend into a single album. As you can see artists do not necessarily fit into one group, so this is not the problem. Nor is it to do with date.

    I can't find a logical explanation in the file info. I was wondering if anyone else found the same problem?

  5. I have been trying to organise my Itunes Library. All thw OCRemix Albums now have artwork and I have been re downloading things that I had lost while changing computers. I have re catalogued all the old Ocremixes from the Main Site under the Album artist "Overclocked Remix" to match the sites more recent filing method, but for some reason the tracks have divided themselves up. There are now two big groups of Remixes that won't mix and several others have established smaller groups of two and threes.

    The groups do not distinguish between Date, Remixer or title name. as all are spread between the groups. I have scoured the file information but I am at a loss. It's frustrating my OCD. Please help before I snap and go on a random killing spree!


  6. Do I detect a Hint of Reggae? Somewhere in the middle...

    Nevertheless a beautiful arrangement of a a brilliant source. Producers really should pay OCremix for advertising. I've had this game in my Eye for a long time, but after hearing this again I'm gonna go order it. I won't be able to play it until I go home to my Wii for Christmas, but I'll read the instructions and drool...and listen to this mix some more :)

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