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  1. 1. Goemon (Mystical Ninja) 2. Lucas (Mother/EarthBound) 3. The King of All Cosmos (Katamari Damacy)
  2. I just received an e-mail about this album and got very excited to see Breath of Fire II on it. Breath of Fire II remains my favorite game and RPG of all time, it's very near and dear to me, so I'm happy to see it given attention. With that said, the music is said to be remixed from "Crooked Ladder" which is the Dologany/Dragonier music, but for the life of me I couldn't hear any similarities between the song and the source material. I don't mean any disrespect because it's still a beautiful song regardless, but I just don't hear the resemblance to the source material. Am I missing the point?
  3. I was happy to see Nobuo Uematsu with my own eyes on the stage of Distant Worlds in Brooklyn back on the 1st of April. Magical night. His music continues to inspire me and send chills down my spine. I'll miss The Black Mages, but the Earthbound Papas are really kickass.
  4. I do have a recording device and two microphones. I've recorded using those before and it sounded decent. I can send you a PM of an example of a drum track I made once and you can see if the quality is good enough.
  5. I would absolutely love to be a part of this, but I've had no remixing experience whatsoever. What should I do? What program should I use? My Breath of Fire fanboyness is about to explode!
  6. Breath of Fire was my first RPG as well, and I've been a dedicated BoF fanboy ever since. I love the series, with BoF2 being my favorite by far (you owe it to yourself to check out 2, 4, and 5!). I would jump at the chance to OC remix Breath of Fire music, especially given how incredibly underrated it is (it was always a dream of mine to hear orchestrated renditions of Breath of Fire music). That said, I've never remixed music before, and have no experience with that whatsoever. I play the drums (and even did some drumming renditions of 1 and 2's music, which you can look at , , and ).Breath of Fire I's soundtrack for the most part is full-blown orchestral. Breath of Fire II has a few orchestral renditions here and there, but is also largely rock/metal-oriented, especially with the battle music. III is full-blown jazz, IV has orchestral, Asian and Middle-Eastern influences, and V is mostly electronic and orchestral. So, I don't particularly know how I could give to this project, but I'd try with all my might! On a side note, it's really annoying that there are no official liner notes that indicate which composer composed which piece of Breath of Fire I's music. Yasuaki Fujita, Minae Fujii, Mari Yamaguchi, and Yoko Shimomura contributed, with Shimomura only contributing one track (which one, I have no clue).
  7. I noticed that for Breath of Fire II the composer listed is Yoshino Aoki, which is incorrect. Yuko Takehara did Breath of Fire II. Proof: http://chudahs-corner.com/soundtracks/index.php?catalog=CPCA-10146~56 Breath of Fire II <DISC 3, 4> Composed by: Yuko Takehara Further Proof: http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?selected=323&profile=set Just saw that error and would hope that it'd get corrected. Thanks
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