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  1. Hi there, I have to say that I'm a big fan of the phoenix wright series myself and am very interested in seeing if I could help with the soundtrack for fan game. Before I say anymore, I'd like to say that I'm a big newb when it comes to music production and haven't actually made one single remix or composition of my own. I'll only just gotten into the audio recording & composition gig, although I've messed with music for a few years now. I'm actually working on a remix of Detective Gumshoe's theme at the moment. One that I hope will come out well and I hope will get accepted here at OCRe
  2. Hey Lunahorum, I think I may be having the same problem you had with respect to level of amp noise. I'm directly connecting my guitar into my firebox, and getting some amp hiss thorugh amplitube and the vsts posted on this thread. I thought it was normal at first, like a part of the amp simulation, but you posted that you got rid of it. I couldn't gather how you did it from your post. You mentioned getting an audiophile 2496. From what I could tell it seemed to fix your problem somewhat. So I guess it might be my firebox, but I'm not sure. If you could elaborate more on what exactly you did,
  3. I think the beta has already been released. Or at least I hope so. If not, then god knows what the hell I'm downloading right now. Hope it doesn't kill my comp.
  4. maorofftop: Aww, that's unfortunate. Hopefully it'll get busy again. The last time I played there turned out to be a ton of fun. ontop: Thanks for the words of advice yoozer. I finally broke down and got the oxygen from guitar center. Sorry OCremix.com, I would've gotten it online to help you guys out but I just really wanted to try it out back at home. But hey, you guys don't have to worry.....because karma made sure to come over and bite me on the ass. When I finally got the thing home and opened it, I learnt that apprently usb cables have a tendancy to wonder off. So for now I'm just stuc
  5. awesome! Thanks for the speedy reply and sorry about the confusing question. Exactly what I was hoping to hear though. By the way, I see you have yourself a mighty nice tf2 siggy. Lately I've been recording and doing commentaries on the spy class and I believe I actually uploaded a recent commentary of a round I played on OCR's server to youtube. I think you might have been playing during the recording. Anyway nice server ya'll have there but I did want ask something about it. When ever I try to catch a game on the server, it's usally empty. Is there a certain time of day when it starts to get
  6. Ok, I've learned a great deal from various post around the forums, but just not enough to warrant a purchase of any type of equipment yet. But I am looking in the direction of the M-Audio oxygen 61 midi controller. There's just a few things I hope someone can clarify for me. 1. It seems the best way to get sound output from this thing is to connect it to something like the Roland JV-1080 as I believe it doesn't have sound or effects of its own. My question is will I be able to just get away with some VST plugins in music software such as Cubase? (Of course, I don't expect anything amazing fro
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