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    I am a self-taught classical founded pianist and composer. I have, over a relatively short time, developed the ability to compose in many different genre's and styles.I can compose music in various styles/genre's (one's I have not yet experienced) quickly and efficiently and will devote my all into a serious assignment given to me. I love playing the piano on my spare time and jump on it every time I can when I think about it. I also like to draw (mostly zany cartoons, but have done a few, more-realistic drawings). If you need a composer or are just curious about me hit me up one. I will respond if I get the message.

    Btw, I don't actually use Fruity loops (which is marked as my primary DAW), I use Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) which is very similar, so I went ahead and marked Fruity Loops.

    I use Rosegarden (a linux app) for most of my MIDI composition.

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    FL Studio
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    Piano, Harmonica, Drums

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  1. Hey, this sounds really good, great work! Now to Forderz and everyone else, It is quite obvious that both DKC2 and 3 are vastly inferior to DKC1, it is the founder and leader of them all, the music (Theme somg, Ice cave, to name a few) is heavenly and the game is the best, it is my very favorite SNES game ever and ONE of my all time favorite games ever (on anything console or computer). Just keep that in mind.Lol
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