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    I am an AMV author, and a college student (working on Computer Engineering Degree) so I have some background in programming, but a much larger background in listening to techno.
    I have no idea how to make it, but I may, if i ever find the self motivation to, start to dabble.
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  1. I have mixed feelings. I own both of the original Mortal Kombat Movies. Yes, they're pretty awful, but I have dragged my friends to watch them cuz... the story is somewhat entertaining and they did a decent job with no budget on the effects (until the end of Mortal Kombat TA, where the fail is strong). It was my understanding that this 'remake' won't have iconic things like Sub-Zero's costume, to represent the Mortal Kombat Universe is a more realistic, less loltastic way. This dissapoints me greatly. Sub-Zero is just another ninja without his blue gi.
  2. Epic thread necro: Thanks to youtube and a few hours of free time, and being an entire year late (and then some) I finally got this done: It sounds pretty spot-on to me, compared to what is at 1:59 in Rhythmically, its horrible, but thats because this is just me slapping it into FL studio with no keyboarding/piano experience whatsoever. I'm not really comfortable working with 'live' recorded samples with weird note length values in FL... Is there an 'easy' way to resize the notes to fit within the grid better than approximately resizing them with no-snap and then quantizing them?
  3. On a related note, how on earth do I get the pattern to loop WHERE I want it to, not just at the end of whatever measure you happen to cross into? IE: I have note blocks that go through measure two and a few in measure three, with a good 75% of measure 3 empty. The pattern loops (by default i hope) at the end of measure, leaving tons of empty space. Is there a way to say, "Please FL studio, for the love of all that it sacred, like bananas, loop the pattern at the end of the last note?"
  4. The melody, just from that one part with the 'real' music would be awesome
  5. If you've ever played Skies of Arcadia, you're probably a fan of the soundtrack. What a lot of people miss out on (especially because its NOT on the official soundtrack) is the song that is played in the dark rift. It has this really epic brass section after you get past all the whirring noises, and I can't find a midi for this ANYWHERE. That being said, neither myself nor my Roomate can write notes by ear. I would be beyond grateful, and would consider smiling IRL if someone were to do this for me. I don't need any sheet music, just the note letters in order is fine.
  6. Yeah, you would think MS would have package something into windows vista for it. Especially since most of that OS is being removed in Windows 7. Edit: Turns out they DO have a garageband. Its cheap but not free, and its AWFUL. Just look what Songsmith did to The best song on the internet:
  7. How useful is Finale for anything? I've played around with that a bit, and tried reaper last night (its pretty easy to jump into once you figure out how to get it to use your keyboard lol), and was pretty surprised with the quality of sound I got from reaper. Whatever I played with in Finale had terrible samples. But are there better samples I'm missing, or should I just stay away from finale?
  8. This school actually keeps licensed copies of the more popular software out there on their student-and-staff-only server. I was just referring to those. I can run them off the actual network without having them on the computer, or we can copy them and use them on the VPN. Thanks for the reply though, I'll try out the Cubase interface (that rhymes!)
  9. Given the following: I am going to HAVE to multitrack everything because i'll be using a Korg Nanokey which has two octaves at any given time (space issue for me in a dorm, though I do have an ancient Roland Juno 106 at home). I've only recently picked up the keyboard as an instrument. I've previously played the clarinet. I can acquire any software possible. I'm just looking for something good (or a good package) of simple software with a simple interface, less controls so much (I'd like to just be able to practice recording songs, not so much tweaking them at this point). When I open fruity loops its like a nuclear bomb going off in my eye. Theres just way too much going on. I hope that gives someone a clue of where I'm coming from. I just need introductory software to learn what I'm trying to learn better, not to make anything submission-worthy.
  10. Couldn't come up with something epic enough. So I'm just gonna fraps an entire SNES run of CT and work with that.
  11. Music! It has to be mood fitting, and MUST not become annoying after 2 battle to the point where I mute my game (for example, I burst into dance every time I get into battle in Chrono Trigger. This is a good thing until I start singing it, then it becomes hazardous to others' health) A compelling combat system, simple but fun (Elegant would be a good word for it:IE, nowhere near Chrono Cross') A story worth playing through (2D happen to outperform many 3D here because they balance the budget in favor of graphical designers rather than writing compelling stories) An introductory sequence that makes you want to play. SO many games with tons of potential somehow mess this up, and it makes it REALLY hard to get into it. Waking up in another dimension with a drowned version of myself is not exciting. Watching some hot chick I just met disappear at the hands of my best friend, that's compelling. I want to save her. Characters whose interaction feels good: In fact, just don't let the characters have (audible) speech at all (except for extremely long-winded speeches). Also, its really corny when the main character is the most talkative because it makes the game feel like you're just an observer. At the same time, characters that NEVER talk, even in text, that you control, just can feel silly sometimes (Like in SMRPG where we learn mario is an apparent MUTE and must talk through Charades, good for lols tho). I digress: but characters need to be realistic in psychology, although in a physical sense they'll always be messed up SOMEHOW. They should seek support from one another, or want to kill each other, evidence of comedic relief should exist. A story that feels like it gives ME control of the outcome. If I wanted to run X meters to the next cutscene where nothign I do matters, I'd learn to read. PUZZLES: The easiest way to extend the gameplay time for a game (and enhance the level of engrossment in dungeons, thus leading to more fun) would just be adding more and complex puzzles. The ones in Golden Sun 1&2 were rather glorious, especially because they took advantage of the Characters' main abilities without going overboard. (Definition of Overboard: YOU GAINED THE ABILITY TO BURN VINES, NOW QUICKLY, EVERY PUZZLE IN THIS GAME REQUIRES YOU TO DO THIS). EDIT: AND ALL CINEMATICS AND IN-GAME TUTORIALS SHOULD BE SKIPPABLE. I cry tears of blood every time I take my Chaos racing in Sonic Adventure 2 (not an rpg but still applicable) and I have to sit through the incredibly gay (and pausable so theres no excuse not to have it skippable) intro for every_single_race.
  12. I love your mix so much I had to use it. And even though right now it only shows up in the credits (and I cited it for you), I do plan on doing more with this song eventually. Got any preferences? Would you like to see frogs remix turned into a Sword-fighting anime video... or transformers, or something, something else? Or not at all, thats cool too. If you don't want me to use it I won't.