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  1. I know I'm gonna like it but Grandia or Lufia town themes??? I'm sad.....=(
  2. So I take it everybody knows this. Telltale is almost closed as of right now and nobody knows if they're gonna be able to finsish TWD final season... a really sad tale indeed...:(
  3. mmmhhh..not sure yet, I'll have to wait and see when it comes out. =/
  4. They should add OCRemixes as well....=P
  5. I haven't finished it yet but I like it a lot. BTW, I liked sonic 3 better than sonic & knuckles....:thinkingemoji:
  6. how come this thread died with only 2 pages? :thinkingemoji:
  7. OMG! I totally forgot about this song! Enclosed Skulduggery
  8. One of my favorite games ever james pond 3 the lunar expanse.
  9. Oh yeah baby, how can a game from 1987 have such a good music is beyond me, don't believe me? check this out, boys. amazing, isn't it? it would totally rock if anyone could remix anything from this game.
  10. that's pretty cool!! I checked it and I liked it!
  11. I hope this is still moving....