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  1. I like the way this thread managed to outlast the Catgirl thread, the Spork thread, and Yuffie Mae's 'Hi!' thread. Of all of them it was the least subversive, had the smallest impact, and seems to be the only one left standing. This is the Cockroach Thread of OC. Good job Coop! Anywho, I have trouble beating the Green Goblin in the first Spiderman game, but everyone else seems to have no trouble killing him... go figure...
  2. uhh... dude? *nudges khrys* The OTHER Biolizard...
  3. I think maybe my vote goes to Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (and dc version). For some ungodly reason I can't beat it.
  4. DJP was waaaay too modest in the review response thingy. Plain and Simple: This song ROCKS! I happen to be a fan of Canon, having played 1st violin in an orchestra, and I like this piece better. You hear that Pachelbel?!? I LIKE THIS BETTER!!! So there...
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