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  1. Alright, from what I've searched online, the 4 contenders are: Roland Fantom, Yamaha Motif, Korg Kronos, and Kurzweil PC3K. Roland Fantom G is discontinued. I think there's going to be a successor to this. Yamaha XF8 is in need of a successor! The jump from XS to XF was minor at best (expanded flash). I'll check out the rest if they have them in stock.
  2. Budget: $3000-$4000 A lot of keyboard workstations (88 keys) fall under that price range. What keyboard workstation would you get for DAW work? I'm not doing anything live. I also would like to play on it when I'm relaxing and not doing anything on the computer. So please don't say "get a midi controller instead!":tomatoface:
  3. Yes I'm in the process of upgrading them to the K601 headband. The bumps under the K701 headband is aggravating. Though, now that I've upgraded them, the price is no longer $200 (now $280). The upgrade wasn't cheap
  4. I no longer use my K701. They're in great condition. Selling them for $200. PM me if interested. Paypal and shipping is included for US buyers. I can ship international, but you'll have to pay the difference. K701 are great for detail retrieval, monitoring, and mixing. Edit: I've upgraded the headband for an additional $80. It's now $280. FYI, the stock headband is painful.
  5. I now know where all those peaks were coming from. It was the sub-bass to lower-bass. I can't lower the levels on all bass instruments without making the song "bassless" (not frequency, but the instruments themselves). A multiband compressor helped tremendously. Followed by a limiter that I only used lightly. I'll need to tinker with the multiband compressor a little more, but the results were promising.
  6. It's 16 min long so I was hoping there could be a quick fix Guess not. I'll re-record it then. The problem is I don't want to re-record 16 minutes of the medley over and over just to analyze the waveform then make corrections -> rinse and repeat. That would take hours or even days just to do that This is an orchestral arrangements and the commercial ones have an average RMS power at around -13dB more or less for loud passages (not talking about the ones that are heavily compressed with "natural" peaks lopped off). What's your strategy for analyzing your songs in real-time? Edit: I should mention I use only midi to communicate with my VSTi and digital piano. VSTi isn't a problem, it's the fact that I have to record the analog signal from my digital piano that I have to sit and wait through the 16 minutes of my life.
  7. I have this very large peak that needs to be attenuated, but I don't know where to begin. I believe a compressor is used for this purpose, any tips?
  8. Thanks, but I've already found them. G-Town Church has great anvils, and it's free too.
  9. I'm in need of a high quality anvil for my arrangement. There's all sorts of anvil sounds, so here's the theme in question . Please pick the best anvil sound that you think fits this theme very well. It'll be placed on the 4th downbeat in each measure.
  10. Yeah sorry about that. I didn't know lol. 16 per port (minus the channel 2 on port 1). So I have total 30 channels + 1 percussion channel (10).
  11. I found out channel 2 is reserved for something else on the piano, it's not broken. I just found a way to use double the amount I have! In Midi Settings under Output, there was two ports I could use. I simply set the first one to port 0 and the second to port 1, and it worked!!! They are treated independently of each other. I just hope I don't use up the second one
  12. Yes, this is possible by editing the events or via automation. Though In FL it's represented as percentages and not 0-127 (yuck). I have no problems with changing the Prgm patches, but Bank LSB (CC#32) doesn't seem to work. Bank LSB (CC#32) for my piano is used to change instruments of the same Prgm patch. ie. Grand Piano 1 (Natural) and Grand Piano 1 (GM) both share the same patch #, but their Bank LSB is different (122 and 0 respectively). I have a manual containing all the CC# and midi data.
  13. I like to keep things organized. On an orchestral score, they are organized from top to bottom starting with woodwinds and ending with strings. In order to overcome this, I could change the instruments during the song. However, there's more to it than just changing patches and banks. There are other CC midi data that needs to be changed respective to that instrument. It's a trade-off. Either it's organization and speedier workflow, or getting around this limit. But 15 min of music, 500+ measures, and over 20 instruments is ridiculously cumbersome to keep track of. It's a medley. This may be the ticket If I have two tracks that share the same channel, will it automatically switch to the new midi settings of the other track (assuming they aren't playing simultaneously)? Edit: To answer my question, no. Muting didn't even work (channel conflict still occurs even when it's muted). I even tried changing the Bank LSB (CC#32) settings via automation, still no (problems with switching instruments). I may have to run 2 FL Studios. The ends will be the same, but the means will be kinda disorganized and separated. Bounce the tracks from FL 2 and import them into FL 1. Any changes that need to be made would then have to be edited in FL 2 and rebounced again and again Wait this sounds like a rewiring situation. FL2 as slave and FL1 as host, or something like that. During playback I can disable Midi output from FL2 and listen to the audio tracks from FL2 + Midi from FL1. This saves me from having to export/import the wav files. Brilliant! but... I don't know how to do this lol:tomatoface:
  14. My external digital piano only has 16 channels (actually 14 and the drum channel [10]; channel 2 is not usable for some reason). I'm sending midi data from FL Studio to the piano, which plays back the notes in real-time, and is then recorded to the ADC and into FL Studio. I need more channels, but I'm out of it. Any suggestions on how to overcome this? Any workarounds? I don't want to have to bounce the tracks; I'll need to be able to edit notes on the fly.
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