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  1. I admit, I might have gone overboard with that. It's really a love/hate thing. Not all the sound effects were out of place though. In my opinion they made the video. My friends liked the crude humor, but to each his own I suppose. I should really get started on my college homework.
  2. Got that right. I'm a digital/studio art student myself and I know there's always room for improvement. (Btw this was made in iMovie and it was difficult to make changes once the scenes were set in place.) I think the true artist is never "finished". Good and bad criticism are always welcome, but personal attacks and baseless opinions will not be taken seriously. Yeah it's my video. I called it "my friends' video" at first to avoid getting flamed for promoting my own video. (Because I know some forums look down upon that.) guess that didn't work out. Lol but now that's cleared, it's not that's important now anyways. >_> No it didn't take a year. I got rid of that misleading statement. It was actually several weeks of solid work on and off. At one point I abandoned the project but later picked it up again. Regardless, it really did take a lot of technical work. I wanna remind viewers that this isn't some epic film designed to give you a visual version of CT, it's a tribute video to the fan music and fan art of a great game. =) HAHA, nice work! That was one of my faves. Hope you don't mind being a little famous.
  3. Ahh, a voice of reason! Thanks for the insightful feedback. I will definitely take to heart everything you said. I only used a few 3D images... -This image and another one did come from CT Resurrection. I couldnt find any other fan rendition of guardia kingdom and Crono's house so this got the job done. -The other 3D image came from DeviantART. No biggie, right? You weren't paying attention. D: I did use snippets of OC Remixes. To name a few, "Atonement" by Darangen, "Blue Skies Over Guardia" by Darkesword", and "Ruined World (Eternal Derelict) by Children of The Monkey Machine". I also used many other sources including VGMix, Dwelling of Duels, and various remixed albums and Japanese doujins. Only Chrono Trigger music was used in the making video.
  4. I was going to address that too. Didn't mean to raise expectations, that was a mistake on my part. >_> But consider my detailed explanation for the video, and you be the judge of that.
  5. Don't even begin to pick me apart, Fratto. With all due respect, I will not waste my time because I've already said more than enough. Not even looking argument, I already made myself clear. Can we end these attacks and get back on topic? Seriously.
  6. Whoa whoa, now. Stop right there! I'm starting to think this video wasn't intended for a mainstream audience. Oh and I meant 'one year, on and off'; it was more like several months of work. Seriously, people shouldn't raise their expectations so high. Before anyone passes judgement they must know the backstory. This video started out as a small pet project I made to appease my friends. I decided to take it a step further. Chrono Trigger's music has always been my favorite aspect of the game. I am in fact very passionate about it and I wanted to emphasize that by covering the highlights of the soundtrack one video. First of all, the music isn't random. All of it was carefully selected from my massive library of Chrono Trigger remixes. Each one is VERY relevant to the scene. A hardcore fan would recognize the sounds and even appreciate this attention the detail. There were also a lot intricacies involved with stitching the tracks together, making volume adjustments and adding sound effects to enhance the presentation. Yes it does consist mostly of pictures. So what? They were collected from DeviantArt and other internet sources that I gave credit to. Crappy? Not at all. I tactically used effects and transitions to make them more appealing. Would you have preferred overused sprites, in-game scenes or the official artwork that everyone has seen? I carefully chose among the best fanart out there to piece together the story. If you compare my video to other fan-made Chrono Trigger videos on YouTube, quite frankly most of them clearly show little to no effort. I am qualified to say my video is superior. Above all, this is a showcase of fan talent; featuring art and music (with a tad of crude humor) while chronologically following the story. Basically it's Chrono Trigger in a nutshell. That's the beauty of this video tribute. It surprises me how some of you are so quick to bashing. I say it's pretty damn good for my first video. Honestly, a lot of thought and hard work was put into this, so don't disappoint me and jump to baseless conclusions. Just loosen up and enjoy.
  7. Well dang, I never knew this was going to cause such an uproar. Give me a break, I'm new here. I'd rather see this thread deleted than put up with verball abuse. Lesson learned! Now can we quit the bashing and not get personal here? I'm a nice guy who simply wants to share *my creation. Thank you liontamer for the constructive feedback.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I never intended to spam or offend anyone. I apologize if my first post may seem out of line. I plan to become actively involved with the community here. Seriously though, I think all the hardcore Chrono Trigger fans out there will truly appreciate this video. ( )
  9. I've been visitor to OCRemix for as long as I can remember, so I'm quite familiar with how everything works here. Anyways, I just decided to make an account. HEY EVERYONE!
  10. I recently made this video and just thought I'd share this with everyone. All hardcore Chrono Trigger fans might appreciate this. Oh and hey everyone, I'm new to the community!
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