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  1. Alright cool. Looks like Audix is doing the staff roll remix. From what I've heard of him I know he can do it justice. Hopefully he keeps it rather chill
  2. There's a youtube link if you cannot remember the song. It's one of my favorite mario songs out there, and I believe it to be the best on Mario 64. Someone please do something with it. I've thought the reason for this song not being remixed yet is maybe it's already as good as it can get. Any thoughts?
  3. Ha, thats pretty funny. Btw the guy removed the song from newgrounds, he sent me a message saying he was gonna remove the part that wasn't his. Then he said he was just gonna get rid of the whole thing.
  4. What was a good song was ruined when he put that awkward synth over it. I didn't listen to more than a few seconds of it, but being a huge fan of McVaffe's stuff I knew what it was. Are you the one who also gave him a 0 on newgrounds?
  5. Thought I'd let you know that some guy added a crappy Zelda tune overtop of this and is hosting it on Newgrounds claiming it to be his work. People are giving it 10's because of the great original track (yours), and he is replying acting like he did all the work. Really burnt my toast if you know what I mean. Here is the link http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/172297 Kick his ass seabass
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