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    I'm a multi-talented person really. However I started with music, I play in a Jazz band at the moment and since 2003, I've been messing around with music making on my computer.

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  1. or for best quality http://www.mediafire.com/?qxa97cz9hoqr61r I've been missing for a quite, and I'm most of you have no idea who I am, not that I was important cause I wasn't. Anyway I'm back with a song, even though I've made like 3-4 since the last time I've been here. I feel like this one is worth sharing. I thought I'd try something different with this song. First of all let me admit that this is heavily inspired by Joshua Morse(JMorseMusic) and by GuitarDreamer(brunoguitardreamer). I'm big fans of both of them and if you haven't heard something from either one I'd recommend you check them out. As for what kind of style this I really can't say. I had fun with this track though, which as of late is rare. Also sorry about the quality, even though I uploaded this a HD vid yt said lolno. so I guess downloading it fixes that since its maximum quality that way. I brought this here because I have no real clue what the genre of this song would be, I've never composed a arrangement/remix like this before . C&C as well as helping me figure out what to label this as is greatly appreciated.
  2. I meant to delete this thread but I can't do that apparently.
  3. Done, The solo guitar, the main guitar, or the guitars heard on the bridge? As far as the build up goes, I was pretty much following the source. That IS a saxophone. There are no trumpets in the song. And by voice what exactly do you mean? I had a different saxophone in it that sounded much better but I lost it ._. The general way I start off the songs is to build up into it, because most remixes I hear do that. Which is why all of my remixes tend to do that. Feedback noted and appreciated. Forgot about this one too.
  4. I know it's also been a long time since I updated this thread. But I have been hard at work on 3 more arrangements when I had time. Here they are: DynamoMan's Stimulating vibe - http://www.mediafire.com/?bmwjyctlon0 This was made back in January, I wanted to have a kind of rock like appeal without it sounding too much like hardcore rock. TenguMan's Calm Zephyr - http://www.mediafire.com/?d4yyyzdtqzo This was made around the same time as my groundman and coldman arrangements, but I wanted it to sound more real since Jazz is my native genre of music. AstroMan's Solid Orbit - http://www.mediafire.com/?m2zy2tzhinu This is the newest one, so I especially want feedback for what I can do with it.
  5. I didn't plan on submitting it, I just wanted feedback from people much greater than my self.
  6. I actually didn't rip any of that. I remade it by ear. And there is a piano but it's low. I've increased the volume of it on my end. Although you do have a point in terms of the title of the song. The way it sounds now is what I was going for. So I gotta rename it I haven't decided on what percussion to use as of yet. So I'm still open to suggestions on that.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?ngjcdhwjizx It's been a year since I last said something here, mainly because of college. However I've still been working on arrangements. This is my newest from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The Idea came to me a few days ago and the song seemed like it would sound much better orchestrated so I attempted to do just that. Feedback and other comments welcome. edit: Can a mod or admin change the title of the thread to "Symphony of the Sun(FFMQ Forest Town arrangement"
  8. Sorry for the very late responce, my finals were going on and now they are over. http://club-syndicate.net/kamekaze/Coldman's_Frosty_RaveFV.mp3
  9. http://club-syndicate.net/kamekaze/Coldman.rar changes: -more bass -less distortion -more variation -new bass line on the bridge
  10. There isnt much in the second time around that is noticeable beyond slight variation in the melody which i did add. Unless you mean the bridge, which I could add something in. However, I saved the second variation of the bridge for the ending of the song anyway. Lol. last time I was told it felt empty, so I added. Now I've added too much it seems. The drums do have variations during the bridge but I see your point. I had certain sounds panning before but for some reason the pan just wont cooperate in my FL6 anymore. Feedback appreciated all.
  11. I havent forgot about this thread, here's an update on Coldman's Remix
  12. Groundman: Yeah I wanted to use a better guitar, unfortunately that's the best I got. That's the second version of it, which IMO sounds much better than the first and judging from your feedback, there will be a third. I also meant for it to be a modern arrangement but I ended up saying remix cause I forgot. Coldman: What do you suggest I add to make sound more like the original source.
  13. Well I've been playing the trumpet for about 8-9 years and for 7 years I've been making my own music on my computer. I've come a long way from what I began with. And my recent music is a definite sign of that. I to have always been around music, since my brothers do music as well. I feel they are much better than me still. They are very creative and to me, I still feel lacking when compared to them lol.
  14. Hello, over the months I've began remixing the OST of Megaman & Bass. This old school gem has next to no remixes available at the time. So I brought it upon my self to do this task. I have 2 tracks done as of now, I am working on a third as well. Anyway I made this topic for critique and comments. Here are the first two songs. Groundman's Chill Drill- http://club-syndicate.net/kamekaze/groundmanremixV2.zip Coldman's Frosty Rave, ft. Jewelman- http://club-syndicate.net/kamekaze/Coldman.zip
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