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  1. Thanks alot guys, wow, torrent one got it bad huh? missing over 140 tracks, sucks they had to go down the way they did.
  2. I downloaded your torrents from 1 - 2500, although they are missing numbers, why is this? The torrent did say 100% complete on all three files.
  3. Hopefully you can fully understand it. Now the front page looks more lively. Check it out for yourself. And im still working on that about page
  4. Thanks. So far an upcoming demo is up hopefully in a few weeks from now. Just hold on. All we need to do is finish Williams and Steve and were ready to go
  5. One question before i start: Have you heard of a Beat em up engine called OpenBOR? Well me and some friends of mine are working on a project called Super/Return Of Double Dragon: The Remake And i was wondering if you guys could help us in remixing the tracks for it? I have also noticed that Duke's Lair has been made for it. called "No. 5 (Snapdragon)" I also wanted to ask ParagonX9 (If he/she is reading this) if we could use your remix in the mod? Thanks alot. I look forward to the people who are willing to help. Also my youtube can be reached here www.youtube.com/bozeefusisback Here i have t
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