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  1. Here's something I started yesterday. I oftentimes play these games with myself where I pretend (haha) that I'm writing music for some game/movie/commercial/whatever. It's good practice since capturing the mood is just as important as the quality of the composition/production. For this the theme was simply a science-fiction side-scroller reminiscent of metroid. I tried making my own synth patches this time around and really focused on production and mixing. I plan on adding more but would like some feedback on the mix (since I'm pretty awful in that field). Thanks for anything! EDIT: Made in Renoise using refx Vanguard and drums from vengeance essential clubsounds volume 3.
  2. Many thanks! I'll try to add a few of my own original touches. Yeah, Sunvox rules for cool, glitchy, atmospheric sounds.
  3. Just Downloaded SunVox yesterday and bled this out a few hours later. I am in love with the program and think that the sounds it produces are incredible. More people should use it it's free for Christ's sake!
  4. I just finished this (testing out Edirol Super Quartet) and am pleased with how it turned out. I may want to extend (it is a little short), but otherwise I think it would work nicely in some sort of mini-game environment. Feedback is much appreciated!
  5. Hey, thanks man! Even if you don't have any suggestions, it's great to hear praise. That is very encouraging, thanks again for your comments!
  6. I started AND finished this today. I used a quote from Carl Sagan as the title (it also appears twice in the song, acting as a sort of transition). Very much inspired by The Flashbulb. An interesting fact: I didn't mix this AT ALL. I just put some compression on the master channel to boost the volume. That's how high quality the samples I worked with are, haha. Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!
  7. That's fair. Not everybody likes spastic, IDM style drum beats. I changed the progression to make it have a darker feel, but I can understand if this makes it less enjoyable, ESPECIALLY if you are a big fan of the source tune. Thanks for your comments
  8. Thank you for the excellent feedback! I definitely thought of increasing the complexity of the piano during the flute section, but was afraid that it would mud-up the mix. Changing keys is an interesting idea, and I'm glad you brought that up. I tried to make this sound as different as possible from the original while keeping the same feel, and I'm glad that shows. I really appreciate your comments.
  9. Just whipped this up over the course of two days (but believe me, it wasn't an easy 2 days). Some parts I like a lot, but I feel like adding some more original material. Just drop me a line; I'd love to get some feedback so that I can finish this. One of the greatest songs I've ever heard in a video game (the original, obviously). Thanks in advance! The title is a work in progress as well, but I think that it fits. Here is the source:
  10. I absolutely love the re-triggers on the c64 sounds The beat was pretty phat too, and the bass was nice and dirty sounding (but not muddy). I can't give you any mastering or mixing feedback (I'm listening to it on some pretty low quality speakers, unfortunately), but nothing seemed too loud or too quiet. Nice job!
  11. I can't really come up with a good genre for this, but let me know what you think. This is my first post on this forum, but I have been working with music production for a bit less than a year. I think I mastered this track pretty well, but I think that it is a little too short. Crap, I misspelled oriental Comments are quite welcome
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