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    I'm a composer and remixer who has worked on games such as the critically acclaimed RPG Pier Solar on the Sega Megadrive and the controversially banned Streets Of Rage Remake for PC.

    Other games i've contributed music to include Puzzle Carnival, Nanotron for PC and Callisto on the PSP.

    Original album projects include - Sound Of Future Past, Forest Of Dreams (With Jredd), Hits & Remixes and TFM Music Maker Collection.
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  1. Hey guys, I've decided to upload my best non-chip tracks composed roughly between 2011-2014 into one neat and tidy album. Some tracks on my Soundcloud page Back To The 90's https://soundcloud.com/groovemaster303/back-to-the-90s House Of Sorrow: https://soundcloud.com/groovemaster303/house-of-sorrow Step To The Funk: https://soundcloud.com/groovemaster303/step-to-the-funk-korg-gadget Portable Musician Album: https://groovemaster303.bandcamp.com/album/portable-musician
  2. Thank you for your kind words, it really makes it all worthwhile. VGM Music Maker has been out for a couple of weeks now. The biggest and best change from TFM is PSG and DAC support making it by far the best tracker for creating proper Megadrive/Genesis music. Plus panning is now audible in the tracker itself. I was going to post a thread about it but wasn't sure if one had already been created.
  3. A jolly little dance track with a mad bit towards the end. Created entirely with VGM Music Maker an awesome tracker made by Shiru. It emulates the classic sound of the Sega Megadrive console including PSG and DAC support. http://soundcloud.com/groovemaster303/sega-power-hq
  4. Shining Wisdom, not many people rate this game at all but i've always thought it was pretty decent.
  5. I sent Bomberlink my mp3 files and he has all BGM1401's music too but not sure about Gecko. Rather than release the soundtrack straight away, Bomberlink wanted people to play and enjoy the game first and then bring out the soundtrack a week or two after. Doulifee - i mentioned to B about you offering to host the soundtrack again and he seemed happy about it. Perhaps if you contact him through MSN he can send you everything you need. If you don't have his contact details PM me and i'll see what i can do.
  6. Didn't know what to expect really but i've been quite impressed so far. SSFIV is superb as many have said. I also have Splinter Cell which is pretty good, the graphics are more in line with the ps2 version than xbox but the game is fun with big levels and the touch pad works very well im my opinion. No multiplayer but the campaign mode lasts a good 8-10 hours. I don't use 3D at all, it gives me a headache and to be honest i'd rather extend my battery life a little by keeping it off. Overall though it seems to be a decent little system with tons of potential., I like the analog slider which worked excellent in Splinter Cell i might add. The battery life may be a concern but compared to the Psp go and even the iphone/itouch it's not that bad.
  7. Dance inspired remix of an awesome song from Persona. I've changed a few parts here and there, most noticable in the beginning. I've added a fair few original parts too but the lead of the track is pretty much intact.
  8. Here is my friend code 0473-7756-0336 At present i play SSFIV mostly so if you fancy a few fights online (pro) then feel free to add me
  9. This is stunning. It seems like everything i've been listening to lately has been rather average but this is absolute quality.
  10. Think I'll give this a shot, i've not really done anything new recently and I enjoy a good challenge.
  11. Bought myself a Yamaha DJX and PSR330 keyboard back in 98 and basically taught myself how to play, by listening to my favourite artists and songs (no internet back then for me), although it took me until around 2002 to buy my first groovebox the MC-303 and 505. During 2003 and 2004 I bought myself the Roland TB-303 which I absolutely loved to bits. To be truthful though it really hindered my growth as a composer... I always ended up taking the crazy acid route whenever i got stuck for ideas. In 2005 I made the jump to software and started using Reason which was so much more convienient to use than hardware. Then in 2007 I moved onto Fruity Loops and never looked back. Last year I released an original album (Sound Of Future Past) which i feel is my best work to date and although i've never really submitted any remixes to OCR... I have also created quite a lot of videogame remixes too. These are mainly Streets Of Rage songs but I also don't mind taking on rare gems like New Rally X and Silkworm.
  12. Superb, I really enjoyed this. Production values are solid and I like the direction you took with the mix.
  13. It's been awhile since i've posted any new music on here. Anyway this is me in FM dancepop mode, Using plugins such as FM7, YMVST and Vopm.
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