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  1. I think this is a really good idea. I've already found several new favourite songs by deciding "I'll play songs from this tag today".

    Because I found the forum tag browser to be a little cumbersome (no ability to search by multiple tags, for example), I decided to write a little website to facilitate this.


    At the moment (about a day after I started writing it), it supports:

    - Showing a list of remixes with links to the main remix page and forum thread

    - Filtering by any number of tags

    - Ability to exclude any number of tags

    - View untagged remixes

    - Downloadable m3u playlists for any set of filters

    - Ability to search for 'similar' remixes to any remix based on tags

    I hope that this can be a sort of proof-of-concept for some cool things that tagging remixes will allow. Whether you feel in the mood for 'sad+piano' or 'guitar+chiptune', I hope you can have some fun listening to different combinations of tags.

    Please let me know if you find this site to be useful, or if you have any other feedback.



    PS: I manually run a script which scrapes any modified tags (in an efficient way), so don't expect any modifications to appear until I remember to run my script.

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