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  1. Really digging this remix. I love anything acoustic and anything zelda, so this is a great combo. Having said that, I do kind of wish there were a version without the rain/thunder sfx which doesn't really fit well with my playlist of similar acoustic tracks.
  2. One of the best Zelda remixes in recent times, love it! Putting this one in my car playlist for sure.
  3. codebeard

    OCR03222 - Deus Ex "Only in Novels"

    Love it! Was really excited to see a remix from Deus Ex (one of my favourite PC games of all time), and even more so once I saw it was a solo piano remix. I feel I could listen to it many times over. Thank you.
  4. codebeard

    OCR03145 - Castlevania "Fleaman's Groove"

    I heart solo piano. Thank you.
  5. Love it! Can never get enough solo jazz piano on here.
  6. Not sure how I missed this when it came out, but I love it! Thanks for the great mix. Would love to see more like this one.
  7. All I can say is: Moar piano solos! The piano solos on this site are by far the best remixes in my opinion. I want to encourage anyone who thinks of doing a piano solo to GO FOR IT. That goes for acoustic guitar solos too!
  8. codebeard

    OCR02383 - Street Fighter II 'Coconut Milk'

    How can there only be one other comment!? This is, without a doubt, the HOTTEST and most amazing remix I've heard this year. You guys absolutely MUST do some more mixes, okay?
  9. codebeard

    Search by genre

    Just updated my site URL, since the old URL hasn't been working for a while: OverClocked ReMix tag index:
  10. Looking back, I just want to say that this remix has been one that has stayed in my playlist for years, and it never gets old for me. The mood this song creates is perfect for reflecting about anything, and somehow reminds me that there are beautiful things in life even if we can't see them right now.
  11. codebeard

    SITE HELP: OCR Sheet Music/Tabs/MIDIs

    Great, I've put them up on my server too:
  12. Great remix! I love the smooth feel. We need more of this kind of thing.
  13. This remix is amazing. I love the source, and I love jazz; so how could this be any better? It's going straight to my top playlist. I definitely look forward to hearing more from Alexander.
  14. codebeard

    SITE HELP: OCR Sheet Music/Tabs/MIDIs

    Thanks so much. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but it looks right. Keep up the great work!
  15. codebeard

    OCR02041 - Mega Man 2 'Coiled Copper Wire'

    This is amazing personified (songified?) -- what I wouldn't give for an entire MM2 soundtrack like this.