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  1. Now even the instructor's voice comes through. No problems at all. Thanks.
  2. Thanks a bunch! I've got the everything working pretty smoothly now. You've been a big help. Now the gameplay works just fine and everything. The only problem I've found is that the instructor in the tutorial doesn't talk, but that's okay since I already know how to do all of that stuff. Thanks again.
  3. This is what I've got going right now: The game starts and the opening sequences and menus work fine. When I try to actually start the gameplay, whether training, missions, or trials, the cd rom not found error pops up. I tried changing the name for the drive like you suggested, but that didn't produce any changes. Right now I have a cracked file in one folder, which will start the opening sequence as mentioned above, and another folder with .img .cue and .bin images in it, which doesn't work at all. I've tried mounting these images using imgmount, but DOSBox doesn't recognize the image. D
  4. I did some messing around, and now the error message is "CD-Rom not mounted." I have mounted the cd rom using mount e e:\ -t cdrom but the error persists. I have v1.1 of MECH2. I did check out that forum, but whenever I try to imgmount c: c:\DOSGames\MECH2-t iso it comes up as "image not found," even though the location is correct and I have a .cue .bin and a .img file.
  5. I have installed Mechwarrior 2 with DOSBox, and the whole process went very smoothly. However, when try to run the program, I get the error message Error: MechWarrior2 CD-Rom not found. How do I fix this?
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