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    I have absolutely NO talent when it comes to music, so I rely on this site to fill that void. Maybe some of the remixer's greatness will magically make me able to produce music.
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  1. Uhhh, why're you here? I'm not interesting. Keep moving...

  2. I gotta tell ya... You're my hero, Another Soundscape! I've been a big fan for Jade Cocoon ever since it came out, and I was freaking ecstatic when I found "People Made of Stone." I'm glad you're pushing for the Advancement of Jade Cocoon Enlightenment. I've always found myself humming the original version of this song unintentionally, and you just made it better; now it'll never leave... Great work, man. Keep it up. Oh... I don't suppose you could make a remix of either The Blue Cocoon-Master ~ Koris or Masked Man ~ Lui? If you made one of either song, I SWEAR I'd make a shrine dedicated to you
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