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  1. thanks for the feedback everyone. i've noticed that the biggest quip i get is repetitiveness...but i do the long repetitive intros and outtros because i'm a DJ, and every song i write i use at my shows. i love the beginning of this one because the waves are obviously symbolic to the island, and anyone who is a REAL fan of the song will realize the piano bassline as it comes in before the main piano theme comes in. i like to put this to the test when i play anime conventions, i always get a huge screaming crowd when the main theme comes in. the duet is a great idea, however, hikari and dearly beloved are in different keys (although both minor scales), so i'll have to rearrange a good portion of the melodies to do this. it'll probably be a lot easier to do than it sounds, actually.
  2. http://soundcloud.com/andyszawsum/andy-szawsum-dearly-hikari if the link doesn't work try http://soundcloud.com/andyszawsum/dearly-hikari this one is complete and mastered, just wanted to get some feedback before i submit it.
  3. thanks for all your constructive criticism. i'll work on it a bit more, as i'm sure a lot of you know i have many projects going at once.
  4. you don't. you press play and then you listen. no download necessary.
  5. chill breaks, for the most part this is complete and mastered....although i'm still learning mixdown and mastering. http://soundcloud.com/andyszawsum/legend-of-zelda-dark-world-andy-szawsum-remix enjoi
  6. i'm a DJ from St. Louis that has been producing for around a year. i've only got about 10 completed tracks, and only 4 of them i ever play at shows because of the mastering. there's a DJ and audio engineering graduate in StL that offers professional mastering services for a relatively inexpensive fee, but i'm pretty sure he just applies the same mastering chain to everything, which is something i'm really not interested in. i inquired about his services before i found this out, and now he keeps bugging me anyway, i came here when i posted one of my remixes from Zelda: Link to the Past on YouTube, and i got a comment from a user here. i sent him a message and he gave me a lot of pointers on the track, so here i am. i'm here to learn more about making sounds sound better. i already know i'm good at making quality tunes, i just want them to sound shiny and sparkly. http://skylar.ddrstl.com/imza/index.htm for my work. been listening to OCRemix since Vol.1.
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