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  1. I recommend Steinberg's "Cubase 5". You're able to record audio on audio tracks or MIDI data on MIDI tracks. And for orchestral sounds, I recommend "Edirol Orchestral" or Propellorhead's "Orkester" refill. (free) For guitars use real guitars and record them in the Audio Tracks.
  2. Thanks, Shake and Slaker, I've been working a few weeks on this, all kinds of critique are welcome! Yeah, I noticed that most remixes here aren't 100% the same as the original song. I will add some of my own melodies, also, I was wondering if the mastering was ok, cuz I'm not really good at mastering.
  3. This is a remix of the final boss battle from Super Mario 64. (Full ED.) [183 - 130BPM with a LOT of tempo changes] original version