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    I love music, power to it, and power to it's makers too. I prefer music that sounds different, and has an even blend of power and lively note progression, even if the two are in the most alumquantly excessive levels imaginable ;)
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  1. who here has access or knowledge of industrial plugins for FL 11? preferably cheap and/or free i'm in college and the army doesn't exactly privates a lot of extra money lol. also does anyone know where i can get some sci-fi engine sounds? i found for 30 bucks and they're pretty good but i want to get a good base of options first.
  2. I'm planning on doing a couple (or mabye just one, menu theme and/or pelagic II for sure) perfect dark remix, think KMFDM,, with the obvious moody dark style of Perfect dark. Anyone interested shoot me a PM, or leave a reply.
  3. below is a link to the song on my soundcloud, leave a reply lemme know what you think
  4. I'm always open to suggestions :) What did you have in mind?

  5. hey are you in the mood for another request?

  6. If someone could make a Hard rock/industrial version of Dark Samus' theme that would epic. Any hard rock style would be nice but something like either KMFDM or Rammstein is preferred. For those that haven't listened to those bands here's some youtube samples KMFDM: Rammstein: Rammlied If you need the mp3 it can be downloaded here, don't worry it won't violate your computer
  7. I love the grungy industrial sound, if you kept that style it'd sound killa!
  8. I'm planning on making remixes of mainly two styles, orchestral and rockish/industrial. My main influences would be VAST, KMFDM, Metroid Metal, Hybrid, Groove Addicts, Hans Zimmer and of course OCR people. WHat would be good programs for those styles, and what would i need component wise when building my computer for this purpose?
  9. hey i saw you in the politics board today and loved your sig, props!

  10. come 'on now OCR has no SC mixes? that simply will not do. I would suggest Terran songs, even some from SC2 that would be killa!
  11. More hell march mixes are needed, 2 simply will not do.
  12. ah synths, wonderful sounding machines. A great band to listen to for ideas would be Hybrid. wonderful blend of break beat and orchestral elements. they're usually major sounding is that what you do is major keys?

  13. i get 5 whole hearts? me ftw!