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  1. @Txai Hey thanks for the link! I didn't have that song, and it's very good so thanks again! @Drgnmaster That song is totally awesome! please do keep me posted. I actually checked the forum several weeks ago and replied to your post, but it froze up when I clicked "submit reply" so it never posted. I assumed that it had still worked so I hadn't come back to check on the status until now. I look forward to your song and I thank you for responding to my request!
  2. Won't anybody make even one new song for ZAMN? I really think there is a lot of potential here for some great music! I love the two songs that are already uploaded and I think a lot more can be done. I will beg if I have to!
  3. Another thing about that "Imeem" link I provided, you can just copy and paste the link into the Google search engine and it will come up as the first entry and when you click on it the site doesn't ask you for registration! So if you don't want to think up a fake name and email try this! Oh and please remix some ZAMN! Here is a MUCH better link to download a higher quality MP3 version of the soundtrack, all the songs are in this download and they are much better quality than my first link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=65S85XXT
  4. I love all of the tracks from the SNES Zombies Ate My Neighbors game, and while the 3 remixes that are here are totally awesome there are many more good tracks for this game! Here is a list of all of the songs on ZAMN: weird kids on the block zombie panic evening of the undead no assembly required pyramid of fear mars needs cheerleaders curse of the tongue boss battle titanic toddler unused bonus stage I request that someone makes at least one remix for each of these songs please! Here is a link to snesmusic.org where you can download this tracklist: http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=3414 the first four are a must! My preferred genres are techno, rock, drums and rythm, and some piano, but you can do whatever you want and I would be more than grateful! EDIT: Here is another link where you can listen to each track online: http://www.imeem.com/darapstation/playlist/smD4E3BD/zombies-ate-my-neighbors-snes-music-playlist/ You can just enter any fake info into the registration box to listen to the playlist, I put my name as "asdf" and my email as "alqpo@yahoo.com" !
  5. To date I have downloaded over 100 songs from this site and "Neighburgers" is still my all time favorite! Awesome song!
  6. To KyleJCRB: Your point and link are both irrelevant to what Philibato is saying. There are two reasons why: 1- The joke that you gave a link to can be insulting to Christians in itself, because it uses Christ's name inappropriately as well. So if DrumUltima is referring to a joke that is insulting to Christians it is no different than if he was telling the joke in the first place. A better example is if someone told a racist joke that they heard from someone else. Just because the teller of the joke didn't invent it, doesn't make it any less racist. So DrumUltima is still guilty of religious intolerance. 2- Even if the joke wasn't insulting to Christians DrumUltima should either understand that not everyone is in on his reference, or he should provide a link as you did to clear up confusion. I am a Christian and I am not angry or anything because I know that neither you nor DrumUltima are purposefully trying to insult me or my beliefs, but you still need to understand that there are many people who make jokes like this with that intent, and to Christians these jokes are as insulting or insensitive as racist jokes are to non-white races. So please just be polite, that is all Philibato was saying.
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