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  1. Great song, I liked the original, it was one of my favorites in FF9. It had so much complexity and it was mystic. The song is full of sadness, despair, pain, sorrow. No sign of life, it is an ideal backdrop song for the destruction of Bermecia.
  2. Rest in peace Micheal, your days of ridicule and false accusations from a foul, egotistical and ignorant society are over. Long live the signature Moonwalk.
  3. Does this work like ebay or something?
  4. I like it, good job. It sounds almost like professional work. I never heard of a suikoden remix before so that's a real pleasure in of itself, seems like the majority are for Final Fantasy 7 or some other silly overhyped game.
  5. I agree in that FFVI is in it's own league in contrast to the rest of the series. It excels in mostly all aspects of what you want in an RPG. It's the brightest gem in the selection of games. I would like for Grand Finale to have a remix, but that isn't to say that the original is bad. In all due respect, I can make due with it just fine but seeing what modern day technology makes due with the sync and composing, I'm curious about.
  6. What about games that have been stolen from you? A classic RPG called Lunar: Eternal Blue was stolen from me! I'm sure alot of people know what one that is. The sad thing is I have the original box that it came in but I dont have the case or the CDs. What a tease!You have quite a collection of game systems and video games I must say, impressive *clap*...I thought I had alot of games.... your boyfriend better catch up, making male gamers look bad! Though I'm sure theres more female gamers according to a chart I looked at awhile back but it might be different now. Who knows.
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