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  1. Thanks for the tips! I'll give everything you mentioned a whirl.
  2. This is my first serious attempt at audio production. I could really use some critiques, because I'm pretty in the dark currently. I did the sequencing with FLStudio and then recorded and did the final mix-down in CoolEditPro2. I'm going to re-take a few of the male vocals for sour notes, breath control, etc. HOWEVER please -do- critique my processing work on all vocals, since that's the best set up I've found myself. Again, I've got no formal training, so please hit me with even obvious stuff. Source 1: Source 2:
  3. Freakin'. Sweet! I can't wait to show all my local buddies your track, they'll go apeshiz! I'm sure this will only open new doors for your musical career. Just don't forget about us small folk when you're riding in your Konami stretch limo. P.S. If you ever need some more vocals/lyrics I know a little mouse who's been practicing hard.
  4. Schaweet. Been rather Jaded on OCR recently, everything decent but nothing catching my interest. I don't know what exactly it is, but you always manage to hook me on your tracks, Dain. Heck, forget paying me back ever, just get me in on another collab and we can call it even A+ work P.S. speaking of, I've got some new lines just waiting for the right beat. send me an email sometime and maybe we can arrange something.
  5. hey, yeah, someone needs to make a stepfile for this! I'm a big SM fan, so if someone does a good job on syncing, I'd love it! I'd be so appreciative I'd even, I dunno, perform it live for your highschool...or batchelor party...
  6. verdammen! I seem to have lost my microphone. so the Halo2 remix is gonna have to wait till I buy a new one... so, uh... enjoy this tiny bit of rappage doubley, for it may be all for awhile.
  7. I think he's saying that even the worlds greatest rapper would sound odd with those stilted, asian born rap lyrics. I think you did as good of a job as possible with such basic rhyme schemes.
  8. heya heya, MC Mouse here, thanks for the positive response, I just thought I'd help you out, biz, and post the lyrics: ----------------------------- BEATDROP: I was the teacher and I made you learn I was the flame, and you just got burned By me, the one and only, Chaos is here To preach havoc and destruction and TO STRIKE FEAR Wastin' my foes, just like that I see the fools, and they want to combat So I pull out the same rhyme, don't waste time Brushin' them off with the freshest of lines So we could see who is the best of the best Well I've won, and they've flunked the test Sto
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