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  1. Erm, Wall of Text approaching. Sorry. Like mv, I am a diehard Faxanadu fan and I'm sad that there are only two remixes from this game to date. The soundtrack is amazing and I feel that many remixers would like it if only they had the exposure to it. If I had any kind of remixing ability, I would definitely rectify that oversight, but for now I'll take what I can get. On my first listen the intro guitar sounded a bit wonky timing-wise, but after subsequent listenings it makes more sense and doesn't sound out of place. I guess knowing what to expect helps a great deal in that regard. I liked where the section at 2:18 was going...until I realized that it actually wasn't going anywhere. Given the fairly straightforward repetition of the main melody up until that point, hearing the variation made me expect more to come, but instead all I got was the same four measures thrown back at me...twice. I really liked the section at 3:12 for two reasons: a) you finally got to the B melody! Hooray!; and it's very reminiscent of Metroid-style music and remixes, of which I am also a fan. It's a small departure from the previously Frenchy, Amelie-type sound but I still enjoyed it. The R2D2-esque whistles at 3:39 get a mention from me as well just because I think that's awesome. The rhythm chords at 4:01 remind me of...something. I can't think of what, unfortunately. Overall, I thought it was good except for the part at 2:18, as stated. I agree with SmartLX that using the NES chiptune lead (or an excellent approximation of it) is not instrinsically bad. I rather enjoyed it. However, I also have to agree that more variation of the main melody would be a very welcome addition. And this is coming from someone who could seriously listen to the Faxanadu chiptunes all day long. The way the song is structured makes me think that this piece could have been titled "Variations on Faxanadu Final Area Theme," except that the variations are everywhere but the main melody. Don't get me wrong, it's still good, but it could have been better. In conclusion, we need more Faxanadu remixes. Posthaste. P.S. I hope that wasn't too bad for a first-time post.
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